By now, I’m sure you’re well aware that the Cloud exists.  Over the last few years, its popularity has skyrocketed.  Why?  Well, because of its many benefits, of course.

The Cloud is great because of its versatility.  It doesn’t just take over your technology and demand things of it; the two entities build off of one other.  Molding to your needs and enhancing only the areas you choose to progress, the Cloud isn’t built for a specific ‘type’ or ‘size’ of business.  As a matter of fact, it isn’t built until you build it.

This being said, as a small business, you mustn’t overlook the advantages the Cloud can bring to your business just because it seems like it was intended for larger companies—this most certainly isn’t the case.  Because, like I said, it isn’t built until you build it.

Fatten your wallet.

A server alone can cost your company thousands of dollars a year.  From electricity costs to maintenance fees, it can get a little out of control.  When you add in things like software and miscellaneous equipment, it goes from out of control to plain out of this world.  The Cloud can you save you money because it doesn’t require all that physical ‘stuff.’  Hang a ‘no maintenance’ sign on your office doors and fatten that wallet.

Stretch your legs.   

If you were across town presenting an offer to a batch of interested clients, wouldn’t it be horrible if you left all your critical files at the office?  Well, it would be if you didn’t have the Cloud.  With instant access to files, applications and data, leaving your office is a cinch.  Stretch those legs and go grab a cup of coffee with that fattened wallet of yours.

Collaborate to your heart’s content.

With a slew of applications to choose from, collaboration is on its best behavior.  Edit, share and access files in real time, from any location and across multiple devices.  So, as you stretch your legs with that nicely-sized wallet tucked away in your pocket, share some ideas with your team and collaborate to your heart’s content.

Back it on up.

The Cloud is great because layered security and extra backup comes built-in.  What beats that?  Well, for a small business, nothing.  The thing about smaller businesses is that they don’t have someone on staff for every little thing.  As a result, you and your staff are being pulled in a million different directions.   Backing up your data is probably not at the forefront of your mind (although it should be somewhere very near to there).  Having a little extra support is always nice.