Microsoft Azure provides cloud computing enthusiasts, developers, and IT professionals a platform made-up of broad-spectrum tools which connect to many more applications designed to make data creation, storage, access, and project sharing as easy as possible.  The easily-deployable web applications combine DevOps and management databases that help you design disaster recovery programs, durable storage access points, high-performance computing, Internet of Things connectivity hub, Visual Studio service, encoding with live streaming, virtual machine creation, private network options, and much more. Azure’s managed, elastic, scalable building blocks help you with solutions that you can use entirely your own way, in any language, with any app, and anywhere you want to access it.

Azure Cloud Service Pricing

Azure cloud service pricing is completely scalable, and dependent on how much data you store. But, their pricing details page (previous hyperlink) breaks down the various pricing structures specific to the different tiers of service. Microsoft also currently offers a $200 credit for the first month when signing up for a free Azure account. With that credit incentive, you can:

  • Provision up to 14 virtual machines, 40 SQL databases, or 8 TBs of storage for a month.
  • Build web, mobile, and API apps that use Redis Cache, Search, or Content Delivery Network.
  • Harness big data with Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics, and Hadoop.
  • Create real-time Internet of Things (IoT) apps with monitoring and anomaly-detection.

Exploring Azure Options

The Azure pricing offers on its many widely-varying application options is impressive. The Microsoft Azure Pricing Offers page lists such attractive cloud computing options as:

  • App Service
  • Notification Hubs (Send up to I million push notifications per month for free)
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Expanded Search Capabilities
  • Machine Learning – Lets you build advanced analytics solutions
  • Data Factory
  • Data Catalog
  • Azure IoT Hub – Get 3,000 free messages per day to help you monitor up to 10 Internet of Things devices.
  • Virtual Network
  • Azure Active Directory (Two types)
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • Visual Studio Application Insights, and more.

Microsoft Azure Products

The many dozens of entries on the Azure Products page provide plenty of food for thought when considering making the move to cloud computing through the popular Microsoft platform. Azure gives you perhaps the most choices and latitude among current cloud service platforms with products that include Virtual Machines, SQL Database, Document DB, Batch, API Management, Site Recovery, Machine Learning, Virtual Studio Team Services, and many more.

Azure – A Collaborative, Creative Project Enabler

Azure is a many-feathered peacock that compels cloud computing aficionados with the implicit question, “Why would you go with any other cloud service?” Indeed, its open and flexible platform is highly app-inclusive, optimally-integrative, and encourages more types of creative project collaboration, pertinent to its endorsement by Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Application Platform as a Service, and Cloud Storage Services guidelines for two years running.

Have Questions About Azure?

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