To stay competitive, avoid downtime, and sidestep issues that will cost time and money, it’s optimal for companies to work with a Managed IT Service Provider.

A Managed Service Provider or MSP is the business technology company that will partner with you to give you continuous, high-functioning IT that supports your business’ mission.

Traditional IT companies help businesses with specific tech needs or concerns. For example, IT companies may install new computers, repair equipment, or deal with downtime and data breaches.

Business Partner

Managed service providers, in contrast, take matters a step further.

Rather than focusing on the break-fix model, MSPs typically offer their clients recurring or continuous IT services on a subscription basis. This incentivizes the MSP to keep their costs low by keeping your IT running in top form. They provide professional support, centralizing services, consulting work, and network administration.

Companies such as Intelice, however, go even a step further than traditional MSPs, offering businesses a suite of customized, industry-specific services:

  • Leveraging Tech Investments and Equipment – Rather than just installing networks or dealing with breaches, Intelice Solutions reps work alongside you, your executives, or your in-house IT team to ensure that your company is making the most of its resources.
  • Focusing on Industry-Specific Solutions – Companies need solutions tailored not only to their tech objectives but also to their unique industries. The Intelice Solutions team has experience with a full range of industry-specific software and solutions.
  • Planning Strategically – The Intelice Solutions staff is adept at taking our skills and adapting them to your needs, business objectives, and resources. This allows us to help you devise the plans that boost productivity and profit.
  • Mentoring – We offer employee coaching or mentoring services to ensure your entire team is ready to roll forward with the new tools and utilize them effectively.
  • Analyzing Data – Businesses need a reliable way to corral and interpret their data points. Intelice Solutions has the skilled staff that can not only help you obtain the necessary data but aid you in interpreting that data toward action steps. 

Want to learn more about working with an IT company that goes above and beyond to act as a business partner in your journey to success? Contact us at (301) 664-6800 or send us an email at for more information. Intelice Solutions is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news.