It might be time for some creative cleaning.

A messy desk is dangerous. You may not think so but it is. Unless your office is worse than I think it is, it should not be dangerous in the physical sense. However, it does limit your abilities, your creativity and your motivation. If your office space is suffering from the clenches of clutter, it may be time to set some boundaries for yourself. It may be time for a little Cleaning.

1. Throw everything on the floor (neatly) and disinfect. Lysol the death out of your desk, keyboard, computer screen and mouse.

2. Go through your paperwork. This should be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Daily for the scrap, weekly for the little things and monthly for the projects.

3. Grab some baskets and pile in the paperwork. It’s best to do this in an organized way, of course. Perhaps, labeling your baskets by priority would be beneficial. Keep only your top priority paperwork within reach.

4. Keep only what you need all day, every day nearby. Things like pens, notepads, important papers and maybe some hand sanitizer should be the only things that nicely clutter your peripheral vision.

5. Make sure you like what you see. Tack a few photos to the wall, put a nice picture on your home screen and perhaps even light a candle.

6. Keep everything separated into categories. You have everything you need within reach. So, when you expand to the nether regions of your desk or office space, make sure it’s not thrown together haphazardly— paper with paper, sweaters with sweaters, promotional material with promotional material and you get the picture.