Intelice Solutions has helped numerous organizations enhance their technology management by analyzing and streamlining process, implementing business best practices, and improving operational visibility at all levels of the organization via Business Intelligence.

Coupled with our professional network support and management services that are unmatched in the industry today, we develop and maintain a highly reliable computing platform for your business.

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    Systems Monitoring

    IT Systems Monitoring is the first line of defense against unstable or unforeseen events that affect your network. Intelice utilizes best of class network monitoring tools so that in the event of an abnormal event, our state of the art monitoring tools can send an alert to you or our Monitoring Team, which will insure a quick response to the issue. Our monitoring systems are setup of a base set of predefined thresholds and then are custom tailored to your environment; this ensures that any warning or failure alerts are valid and accurate.

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    Systems Management

    Management of IT Systems these days requires more work than what just one IT administrator can provide. You need an advisor to match up your business needs with IT capabilities. You need someone that can evaluate the overall performance of your systems in relation to what you are using it for. You need proactive monthly service of systems to provide the fine tuning to keep them running at peak capabilities. And finally you need a team of support staff that can assist even before an issues becomes a problem.

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    Network Management

    Your network provides the platform or foundation for all of the business applications your firm chooses to employ. Networks can be complex combinations of components, which make them difficult to manage. Many businesses struggle to make and keep their networks a safe place for their data and their business software. They also fail to take advantage of communications technologies that could dramatically improve their business operations. Intelice is committed to delivering well-designed, stable and cost-effective networks to our customers to ensure that our customers are well-informed with regard to evolving technology improvements.

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