Intelice Solutions, LLC, a managed service provider in the Washington DC metropolitan area announces the launch of AMP (, a software as a service offering that helps individuals, IT departments, and managed service providers support and monitor their Azure backed infrastructure.

Organizations are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the prospect of moving portions of their infrastructure to the cloud. After the move however, there tends to be a realization that certain gaps exist in managing the infrastructure, controlling consumption, and gaining visibility into billing costs. While Azure makes it very easy to pay for only what you use, not all of your infrastructure is in use 24/7. At the same time, a lack of insight into hosting costs can lead to sticker stock when the monthly invoice is received.

Robert Roman, Director of System Services at Intelice Solutions notes, “We use AMP to provide an additional layer of security to our customers by snapshotting our storage infrastructure on a nightly basis. Also, by automating the process of shutting down and starting up virtual machines on pre-defined schedules, we can realize cost savings that would otherwise be forgotten.”

With a growing list of USA & global clients making the move to Azure, Intelice Solutions seeks to ease the transition while educating their partners on the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure. “AMP allows us to analyze historical billing trends and more accurately estimate the costs associated with moving physical infrastructure to the cloud” says Intelice Managing Member, Ash Bonebrake. “By providing a cost effective and easy to deploy solution to our customers, we reduce risk and allow them to focus on their core competencies”.

About Intelice Solutions

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