Managed IT Services

Our comprehensive Managed IT Services are designed to help companies reach the next level – and eliminate the growing pains in their business journey.

Why Invest in Comprehensive Managed IT Services?

Recurring system failures and breakdowns might seem like a minor nuisance – but they are slowly compromising your productivity, employee morale, and customer satisfaction. Growing businesses cannot operate from one disruption to the next.

Working with a managed IT services provider means your technology infrastructure is monitored around the clock to ensure all tech components are optimized and functioning seamlessly – and problems are taken care of before you experience downtime. Managed IT support is a business investment that enhances daily workflows, reduces operational costs, and helps deliver an outstanding customer experience day after day.

Managed IT Support

Versus Break-Fix Services

Businesses have a couple of choices to manage their IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Support Models

  • Complete coverage of IT setup

  • Flat, clear monthly costs

  • Access to the industry’s top IT security systems

  • 24/7/365 security monitoring + vulnerability scanning

  • Proactive problem solving

  • Regular updates and system fixes

  • Long-term solutions (to avoid breakdowns)

  • Fast response times from technicians.

  • Little to no downtime

Break-Fix Models

  • Technicians show up after a system failure

  • Unexpected repair costs

  • Expensive security upcharges after a breach

  • Zero proactive security monitoring

  • Problems are solved after damage is done.

  • Quick fixes and short-term IT solutions

  • Long wait times to speak to technicians

  • Prolonged downtime whenever something breaks

  • Hours (or days) of lost productivity

Break-fix business models are designed to make money when your systems fail. The managed IT services model operates around the clock to avoid system failures altogether and maximize uptime.

Our Comprehensive IT Support Models

Fully-Managed IT Support

Fully-managed support is for companies with little to no IT expertise in-house. The Intelice team functions as your complete IT department managing everything from top to bottom.

Co-Managed IT Support

Co-managed support is for companies with a limited IT department. Our technicians provide a supporting role in executing large projects, mitigating issues, managing on/offboarding, and anything else to help your technology infrastructure function seamlessly.

IT Consulting

Business journeys are full of unexpected obstacles and roadblocks – but you don’t have to approach them blindly. Our IT strategists work closely with your staff to examine your business infrastructure, company culture, and vision to align your goals with the ideal technology solutions.

Business VOIP Services

Successful businesses are grounded in strong communication processes. Intelice implements cutting-edge Voice Over IP solutions to ensure your interactions are both convenient and crystal clear. We provide the complete VOIP package – from unlimited calls/texts to auto assistance and support.

Cloud Computing

Most businesses operate in the cloud these days – but the perfect cloud strategy looks different to every organization. Based on thorough business discovery, our experts will help you decide which operations should be managed off-site versus onsite and develop a customized cloud plan that fits like a glove.

Microsoft 365

Daily business operations are powered by Microsoft 365 – email, shared calendar, Teams, etc. We’ll make sure you’re using the vast platform to its full capabilities and maximizing your investment.

Productivity Management

If an IT strategy isn’t making your organization more productive, it’s not doing its job. The Intelice team analyzes your technology infrastructure under a microscope to pinpoint/mitigate inefficiencies to make your organization smarter and more profitable.

Network Monitoring

Your network runs 24/7/365 - and we keep constant tabs on it to identify risks, spot vulnerabilities, and perform any fixes to avoid problems that lead to downtime (or worse). When you partner with Intelice, you can rest assured your network will operate flawlessly day after day.

Security Analysis

Security is the core of Comprehensive IT. Our job is to stay informed on the fast-evolving cyber threats to keep your technology infrastructure protected, no matter what.

Help Desk Support

Leveraging Comprehensive IT support means you get direct, around-the-clock access to our technicians to field questions, concerns, or any other inquiries about your technology setup.

The Comprehensive IT Promise

Proactive IT Support-icon
Proactive IT Support

Our mission isn’t to put out fires for you – it’s to make sure you’re taking the right steps to avoid fires altogether. That’s why we work 24/7 to eliminate risks in the early stages, anticipate your technology needs, and pave the way for meaningful business growth.

Service Models-icon
Customized Service Models

Templated IT service plans help maintain the status quo, but they won’t guide your organization through the growth phase. Every Comprehensive IT plan is based on a detailed understanding of your company’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities to position your company for the future.

Clear Pricing-icon
Clear Pricing

Sneaky upcharges and surprise fees have no place in our Comprehensive IT support models. You pay a flat, agreed-upon monthly rate, period.

Fast Responses to Inquiries

Long wait times for a technician equate to lost productivity (and revenue). Intelice’s help desk team is on-call to respond to your questions in minutes.

Comprehensive IT: The Success Stories


“Intelice Solutions monitors each computer to avoid issues, completes all necessary updates and keeps us working without interruption. We have always received prompt and courteous service from the technicians and support staff.”

— Mary Alice Mullen, Deerfield Construction Group

“We have over 80 projects and need separate accounting technology for each. I started eight years ago, and they had just changed from an old provider who completely messed up the install. Intelice was able to get on scene quickly and correct the issues.”

— Theresa Bohn, Zero to Three
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