In Light of Dropbox Hack, Local IT Provider Encourages Strategic and Secure Alternatives

BETHESDA, MD – Tuesday September 6th 2016 – 68 million Dropbox users were recently told by the company that they needed to change their passwords due to a pre-dated and widespread hack on their database. Dropbox is merely the latest Web-based startup or organization that has faced having many millions of their customers affected by a single data breach. 

Head of Trust and Security for Dropbox Patrick Heim made a public statement noting that his company had successfully completed the password reset process, and all affected users of his popular service were covered. “We initiated this reset as a precautionary measure, so that the old passwords from prior to mid-2012 can’t be used to improperly access Dropbox accounts. We still encourage users to reset passwords on other services if they suspect they may have reused a password identical to their Dropbox password.”

The hacked cache of files includes 5GBs worth of email addresses and hashed user passwords. According to a Dropbox spokesperson, the company has found no evidence that any Dropbox account was illegally accessed. However, the company wasted no time in taking it upon themselves to:

  • Advise Dropbox users to change their passwords immediately
  • Encourage strong password choices
  • Encourage routine changing of passwords “from time to time,” a.k.a. every few months

This hardly seems like the peace of mind online data storage users are looking for. The Dropbox debacle underlines the critical importance of implementing better cloud storage solutions and security. Some may argue that lightning doesn’t often strike twice, but there are demonstrable patterns of malicious behavior by hackers, against users on web-based storage and sharing platforms.

The team of IT experts at Intelice do not use Dropbox for their own needs nor as a client solution and they highly recommend against using Dropbox or any data storage or sharing. Intelice strategically implements data storage and sharing solutions for countless clients that offer much more reliable and strategic approaches to maintaining data security. Intelice COO Brian Loughlin wants IT users to be aware of the dangers associated with relying on a service like Dropbox and is committed to educating the business community about smarter, more strategic and secure options. “Security is very important but sometimes, businesses sacrifice meaningful security for low-cost applications that boast ease of access and use.” Loughlin claims. “Often, companies just don’t know the ins and outs of different applications and therefore, think they’re arming themselves with a secure platform when really there are alternatives that offer much more reliable protection.” 

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the Dropbox hack, what it means for users and what alternative solutions are available, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian Loughlin at the number below.

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