Bethesda IT Provider Seeks to Inform Business Community of Migration Alternatives

In mid-August, Microsoft announced they would be retiring the Azure RemoteApp. New trials and purchases of Azure have been suspended and will no longer be available. Customers already using the Azure RemoteApp will have a year of extended use in order to find suitable migration options. This news came as a relatively unwelcome surprise to countless users who had come to appreciate the user-friendly and efficient Azure platform. In an effort to ensure customers are still able to access an efficient and effective application virtualization platform, Microsoft has enriched their collaborative efforts with Citrix in order to provide effective alternatives.

Through an expanded partnership with Microsoft, Citrix will be unveiling what they consider to be Azure RemoteApp 2.0. Slated to be previewed in Q4 of 2016, Citrix will release XenApp Express as the Microsoft-promoted migration choice. XenApp Express seeks to combine the simplicity, ease of access of Microsoft’s RemoteApp with the enterprise-level security and scalability capabilities of Citrix’s XenApp. Combining the power and adaptability from Citrix with the simple and easy-to-use vision Microsoft had for Azure, XenApp Express is slated to be an optimized alternative for business owners concerned about the Azure phase out.

Intelice COO Brian Loughlin is eager to ensure the business-community is aware of the phase out and informed when making decisions for migration. “We are excited to see the next release of this product and are eager to help optimize it’s efficiency for our clients.” Loughlin claims. “We are looking forward to how the user & security management and performance features of the Citrix product line will be optimized when combined with the simplicity and scalability of Azure.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about Microsoft’s retirement of Azure, what it means for users and what alternative solutions are available, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian Loughlin to arrange an interview.

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