Network Infrastructure Support

Your company’s network infrastructure is the core of your entire business communications from Microsoft based network infrastructure, network equipment, core infrastructure, routers, switches, wireless access points. That network provides the platform or foundation for all of the business applications your organization uses daily.

For it to operate at full capacity, it requires vital network infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, and support. That’s where Intelice Solutions can step in. We help businesses and organizations strengthen their technology management with our network infrastructure support.

It begins with analyzing and streamlining the process, implementing business best practices, and improving operational visibility at all levels of the organization. Without a support system in place, your network infrastructure can pose security threats or a loss in connectivity, which can lead to significant employee downtimes. Those disruptions affect employee productivity and performance and drive up costs to your IT budgets.

Network Infrastructure Support

Your Network Infrastructure is a Vital Element of IT Infrastructure

A network infrastructure permits connection and communication, each of which is critical to the success of your business. IT infrastructure reliability and highly trained technicians are essential. However, neither can perform well unless your network infrastructure is robust. It goes without saying, without a robust Microsoft based network infrastructure, your software and hardware will have issues.

Common Network Infrastructure Obstacles Intelice Solutions Finds

Numerous challenges can occur with network infrastructures. Obstacles seen most are:

  • Duplicate Data
  • Centralizing Traffic
  • Sending Data

Duplicate Data

With duplicate data, network traffic can be as much as 66%. That is high. When security solutions get that amount of data, it slows the process of detecting system threats. That can negatively affect your network infrastructure. Intelice recommends removing duplicate data.

Centralizing traffic

At your business, you may have an extensive network, resulting in different sites or locations. Monitoring, managing, and network visibility faces obstacles when there is no centralized hub. Intelice Solutions uses network infrastructure support solutions to centralize traffic. Those steps improve cybersecurity strength while the network teams review any performance issues.

sending data

Businesses and organizations commonly use a variety of cybersecurity providers and tools. Too often, data is sent from numerous sources to one tool, making it useless and costly. A crucial part of infrastructure networking is sending the correct designated data to the right device. Using those steps, Intelice can reduce a provider’s processing costs dramatically.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Networks are a system of elements. Managing them can be difficult. Businesses and organizations do their best and attempt to keep their network infrastructure up to date. However, they remain reluctant to vital communications technologies that would immediately boost their business performance.

Here at Intelice Solutions, we take it a step further. We insist that our clients remain informed and up to date with new and evolving technology improvements. There is more to a well-designed, stable, and cost-effective network—it’s keeping the client well-informed.