Dynamics NAV is a complete business management solution that helps businesses work faster and smarter, and gives your staff the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth.

Ideal for small and midsized organizations, it offers a breakthrough user experience and technology innovation that can simplify access to information, improve organizational agility, streamline integration with a wide range of applications, and enhance reporting capabilities-even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your people can be effective, helping to drive your business to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can NAV do for you?
 Navision modernizes business processes by automating tasks, connecting locations, pushing efficiency, and gaining real-time reporting.


Is this a service package?
Yes, Navision can be purchased entirely or as a service.

What is Navision?
A business management software solution perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Is it easy to use?
Yes, Navision has the feel of Microsoft Office, which you probably already utilize in the workplace and at home.

Where can Dynamics NAV be hosted?
NAV can be hosted on premise or in The Cloud.

Remote Access?
Navision is accessible from anywhere on any device. This includes your iPad and iPhone.