Intelice Solutions Webinar: Protecting Your Business and the Mobile Worker

Intelice is proud to have hosted our next installment in a series of informative cybersecurity webinars this month, with Brian Loughlin showing attendees how to keep their businesses safe while getting the most out of modern mobile technology. Taking place on Tuesday, November 15th, attendees learned a lot about wireless functionality, mobile apps, potential security risks, and how to prevent them.

The webinar started with an overview of how ubiquitous mobile technology has become in the modern workplace, with 1.3 billion people untethered from their desks today. Brian explained that while this makes remote work easier, it also comes with its own set of challenges, which Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) policies aim to address.

Brian noted that BYOD policies offer a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Major potential savings for the business
  • More engagement and empowerment with employees that would prefer to use their mobile devices for work

However, it was also noted that BYOD policies have their own challenges, as noted in an independent study, such as that in most cases, IT departments can only support company-provided devices, despite the fact that up to 34% of BYOD participants use their own laptops, smartphones and tablets, which can make it difficult to ensure network security.

From there, the webinar moved on the consider the real risks that come with mobile technology, citing numerous statistics:

  • Approximately 12,000 laptops are lost every week at U.S. airports
  • Identity theft is the fast growing type of crime
  • Despite common beliefs to the contrary, more than 50% of cybercrime is targeted at small to medium sized businesses

Furthermore, the ubiquity of Wi-Fi has also brought about greater risks to users and the businesses they represent, given that hotspots found at coffee shops, hotels, and other public places are often unsecured and used by hackers for malicious purposes. Similarly, Brian spoke about how most mobile apps do not have adequate security measures embedded in them, which creates serious risk for users and businesses when it comes to banking and email apps. Tips to help  minimize these risks include:

  • Visit encrypted websites only
  • Log out when you’re finished
  • Keep your browser and security software up to date

Next, Brian spoke about mobile apps, and how important it is to understand exactly what data they can access when you install and use them on your mobile devices, including:

  • Phone and email contacts
  • Call logs
  • Internet data
  • Calendar data
  • Location

It’s important to note that apps often access information that they don’t necessarily need to fulfill their function, which is why users need to know how to find out exactly what data is being accessed. To do so, users should consider who made the app, if they can be contacted, and what the app’s permissions are.

To conclude that section of the webinar, Brian noted Moore’s Law, essentially saying that technology doubles its capability every 18 months. While this presents great benefits to the modern world, it will also come with new challenges, which is why it’s so important for users and businesses to do their homework and understand what risks they may be opening themselves up to by adopting a new technology.

The webinar then moved on to potential solutions to the risks that come with remote access capability at a business, such as:

  • Multi-factor authentication, which ensures that only authorized business members can access your sensitive work data.
  • Policies and training for employees that use mobile devices for work
  • Encryption implemented throughout your network
  • Mobile device management and wipe capabilities

The webinar concluded with a Q&A for attendees. Watch the webinar above and get the complete picture of the modern mobile workforce and how best to prevent any potential risks from affecting your business.

To learn more about keeping your business safe while enjoying all the benefits of a mobile workforce, and to sign up for our next cybersecurity webinar, be sure to get in touch with Intelice Solutions at (301) 664-6801 or right away.