You Already Use Serenic Navigator Because it’s Simply the Best. Now access MORE functionality and BETTER features than ever before with this important upgrade!

Are you and your non-profit or government entity team ready for even more Serenic Navigator flexibility and functionality?

You have been saying to yourself, “If only Serenic Navigator did ______________ and had ______________ capability.”

The experts of Intelice Solutions are here to tell you that the 2016 Serenic Navigator upgrade fills in the blanks and makes YOUR work easier!

That’s right!

The Serenic Navigator’s software developers have read your mind and have integrated the new functions you wanted!

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The 2016 upgrade will make this software even more invaluable and irreplaceable to your organization.

The developers have stated, “The release continues to build upon Serenic’s understanding of the unique challenges nonprofits, NGOs, and public sector organizations face.”

This upgrade release is a GIANT STEP FORWARD because it:

  • Incorporates the stability and scalability of Microsoft technology
  • Offers significant new capabilities in mobility
  • Integrates new business insight abilities
  • Streamlines cloud services functionality
  • Provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Office 365.
  • Includes improvements with Microsoft Azure integration that result in scalability, security, and availability via the cloud

If you had any doubts about the future of Serenic Navigator within the marketplace, the release of the 2016 upgrade will assure you that this software is going nowhere but UP!

Every organization that is serious about its mission needs a complete solution like this, and every current user needs the 2016 upgrade.

Call (301) 664-6800 today or email to give your company the extra functionality and flexibility that only comes from the Serenic Navigator 2016 upgrade.