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What caused your IT expenses to soar beyond your fiscal budget? Was it technical issues, outdated processes, or something more severe? Did the yearly IT budget get limited funding again for your valuable IT assets? When they failed, did your company’s bottom line get negatively impacted by the extra costs? At Intelice Solutions, we can show you how to escape this once and for all.

We recognize your need to tackle unexpected IT costs. With our strategic IT consulting team on hand, we can show you how to reduce your IT expenses with our planned approach. You will discover the costly risk of reacting versus the take-charge handling of your company’s IT. And the financial relief it brings.

Strategic IT Consulting

How Does
Strategic IT Consulting Benefit Your Company?

There are five key areas your business benefits the most when consulting with an IT company like Intelice Solutions. Those areas are financial relief, an increase in staff productivity, strengthening company security, ongoing employee training, and exceeding your business goals.

Financial Relief

The most significant expense to your organization is hiring internal IT staff. When you calculate payroll, taxes, company benefits, and employee insurance coverage, your overhead soars. When partnering with Intelice, you get a full outsourced IT consulting staff, eliminating the costly expense of hiring employees.

Increase in Staff Productivity

Remote workplace positions are growing. Desktops, mobile devices, and software have helped you boost employee productivity from home. But, when that technology fails, your staff is unproductive. Engaging with our strategic IT consulting team, downtimes go away, and staff works nonstop.

Company Security

At your end, there is only so much security you can provide, especially when it comes to Cybercriminals. Those thugs will use every trick in the book to get into your system, from malware and ransomware to brute force tactics. With Intelice Solutions on your team, we find and close all gaps in your cyber-defenses.

Employee Training

With the rise in cyberattacks, your employees need ongoing cyber training. Our team will keep your staff up to date about cyber threats. Each will discover how to spot the warning signs, how to approach the situation correctly, so they can quickly respond when contacting us.

Exceeding Your Business Goals

You have a vision and goal to move your organization to the next level. Getting there has been a challenge when technical issues keep showing up. To eliminate technology problems that slow your progress, you outsource those tasks to our IT consulting team. With us, your technology issues get monitored and remain under control, as you move forward with your business plans and goals.

Planning Your Technology For The Future

In the marketplace, decision-makers must think, plan, and carefully build technology into each section of their operation to remain competitive. To help you keep that edge, our strategic IT consulting team is here to guide your leadership and management teams. With Intelice Solutions, you have a dominant partner, when you take the first step and call.