Are you managing your inbox or is it managing you?  Are you able to successfully declutter, organize and label your emails?  Or, is it more like a free for all in there?

The value of your inbox is immeasurable.  Within it, bills, events, subscriptions, meetings, documents and to-dos all exist—each one awaiting your undivided attention.  Sometimes, important emails get shoved aside and replaced with low priority messages.  It’s time to spend your time inside your inbox more effectively; take your inbox to the next level of efficiency with these useful apps:


This is a great place to start. With Unroll.Me, you have the power to either reduce or organize the clutter. When you receive email you’ve subscribed to at some point in your life, the application will identify it for you, neatly display them and give you the option of a ‘one-click’ unsubscribe.

When you decipher which subscriptions you legitimately enjoy, Unroll.Me will utilize ‘The Rollup’ feature.  With this, all your subscriptions are rolled together into one email that is delivered to you at a specific point of your choosing.

Mail Pilot

They say it’s a more intuitive experience with your email; it’s an inbox that allows you to complete messages, set reminders and organize things your way—and all within an aesthetically pleasing platform.

With the ‘complete/incomplete’ function, you’re able to save messages that don’t need to be deleted, as incomplete.  And, likewise, you can cross to-do actions off your list and out of your inbox as complete.  For instance, a paid phone bill isn’t deleted but crossed-off your checklist and archived.

Did you receive a coupon but don’t want it hanging around your inbox?  Set a reminder date for when you have time to make it to the store to redeem your coupon.  It’ll disappear from your inbox and pop back up to save you money on another day.

Unfortunately, this is only available to Apple users at the moment.  Hopefully, this will cross platforms in the near future.


Boxer is all about the speed of maneuvering through the cluttered confines of your inbox.  It gives you options such as bulk edit, quick response and smart labels.  Check a few emails at once, swipe and send to a customized setting.  Efficiently reply with tailored responses or archive messages into your predetermined smart labels.

Boxer is available on many platforms including Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, ICloud and much more.


This is the one app for everything.  Handle has the ability to bring together your email, to-do list and calendar.  This way, everything is touching each other and your tendency to overlap or mismanage things becomes a thing of the past.

Flag emails or transform them into sticky notes and then organize your to-do list with the Timeline feature.  Allow the app to decipher which activities are legitimately doable—determined by time, location and priority.