Thomson Reuters Integrated Tax Automation Solution Offered by Intelice Solutions

Selling your products and services in multiple jurisdictions has proven very lucrative, with a few exceptions. As each state or country permits your online sales, that authorization comes with legally binding conditions. Those stipulations require you and your organization to follow government sales tax compliance, collection, and reporting guidelines and regulations.

Furthermore, you also learned that your ERP systems have great features. Like you find in Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central On-Premise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, and with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.

The core elements of sales tax compliance are addressed; however, it is done manually. To open the door for easy compliance, Intelice Solutions developed and provides a verified integration to Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE® tax automation solutions for organizations like yours.

Thomson Reuters Integrated Tax Automation Solution

Simple Tax Compliance Has Ended

In the beginning, sales tax compliance was simple. You could do it by hand. Today, though, new sales tax laws and government legislation keep changing the tax collection processes. Those updates are now requiring the need for integrated tax automation solutions, so your organization remains competitive, yet compliant.

Without an automated integration process in place, the sales tax rulings getting instituted, create more labor-intensive work for you and your team. To reduce those labor costs and meet sales tax compliance, call us about our integration to Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE® tax automation solution.

ERP Systems Now Require Integrated Tax Automation Assistance

At Intelice Solutions, we meet with decision-makers struggling with tax compliance in their ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These are excellent products for gaining full control over your financials, managing your operations more efficiently, and making decisions that boost business success. As for sales tax compliance, it misses the mark on several levels.

What Major Issue Does Your ERP System Have?

A significant drawback of Enterprise Resource Planning systems is the manual maintenance of tax rates jurisdictions and product taxability. A very crucial process you need when trying to remain compliant with governmental sales tax regulations.

Unfortunately, those tasks must get managed manually by departments, like IT or Accounting, that remains loaded down, providing technical assistance across your organization. Integrating tax automation, like InteliTax from Intelice Solutions, resolves, and fixes the issue.

What is InteliTax from
Intelice Solutions?

When we created the InteliTax Integration, it was to improve communication between Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central On-Premise or Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. The integration is a seamless web service call handled behind the scenes with no changes to the users in BC or NAV processing. InteliTax combines the power of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Determination tax engine with the familiarity of Dynamics Nav and Dynamics 365 for you.

Your InteliTax Integration is Ready –
Take The Next Step

Are you facing sales tax complications that are impacting your organization? Do your ERP systems lack a crucial process that affects your sales tax compliance progress? Are you still researching, verifying, maintaining rates, or calculating your sales tax by hand? You can finally stop! The InteliTax Integration is available to you and your organization. It is an innovative and verified integration by Thomson Reuters that will solve your tax automation permanently. Give us a call and speak to one of our integrated tax automation consultants today.