Co-Managed IT Services

Is your internal IT team feeling overwhelmed and falling behind on critical projects and system upgrades? Co-Managed IT Services from Intelice Solutions can provide the support your business needs!

Co-Managed IT Services from Intelice Solutions

Many companies depend on their in-house IT teams to handle daily technical issues. However, limited resources often mean that essential tasks such as network security, patch management, and strategic planning get neglected in favor of immediate concerns. This can leave your systems vulnerable and your users frustrated. Your business might be closer to an IT crisis than you realize.

Intelice Solutions offers a way to mitigate these challenges. By partnering with us, you can use our expertise for routine maintenance, monitoring, and as an escalation point, allowing your internal team to focus on projects that drive your business forward.

Working with growing businesses, we have developed a suite of services designed to ease the constant pressure of support requests. Our Co-Managed IT Services help your team address critical alerts, prioritize tasks, and identify security gaps.

Support Desk Assistance

When IT support requests become overwhelming, Intelice Solutions can assist by extending our advanced help desk and ticketing platform to your internal team, ensuring efficient issue resolution and enhanced user satisfaction.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring server health, firewall activity, antivirus alerts, and patch status is a demanding job. These essential maintenance tasks keep your network running smoothly. By entrusting network monitoring and maintenance to Intelice Solutions, your team can concentrate on more strategic and reactive tasks.

Prioritize Important Projects

Our Co-Managed IT Services allow your team to focus on critical initiatives. Your IT staff are experts in your specialized business software. By relieving them of routine maintenance duties, we help you maximize their efficiency and effectiveness on important projects.

Strategic IT Leadership

For guidance in decision-making, budgeting, prioritizing IT investments, and streamlining project efficiency, consider our strategic IT leadership services. With Intelice Solutions, you gain access to a Chief Information Officer's expertise at a fraction of the cost, perfect for organizations that don't need a full-time executive. Let us help shape your IT strategy effectively.

Partner with Intelice Solutions

  • Engage Intelice Solutions to enhance your IT infrastructure.

  • Experience the benefits of Co-Managed IT Services in supporting your growth.

  • Receive a tailored IT strategy designed specifically for your business needs.

  • Boost productivity and ensure your company's success with confidence.

Contact Intelice Solutions today to learn how our Co-Managed IT Services can benefit your organization and keep your IT operations running smoothly.