Managed Detection and Response Services

Managed Detection and Response Services Offered by Intelice Solutions

Like most decision-makers, it has come to your attention. There is a growing number of failed online access attempts trying to break in, and concern your organization might have vulnerability issues has come up. With the company technology continually changing, you want a better way to detect and stop these cyber threats before they happen.

You have determined, it is time to locate an IT company that will detect, analyze, and stops these threats now. Per your requirements, that company must respond to every incident with urgency and monitor the company IT property virtually or manually. In cybersecurity language, we here at Intelice Solutions call that Managed Detection and Response, a service we offer to all of our clients.

What is Managed Detection And Response Services?

In its purest form, managed detection and response focus on recognizing cyber threats happening in real-time, in a specific environment. Then immediately responding to the incident before any danger can gain entry. Those locations might be, but not limited to, websites, computers, mobile devices, any device or machinery that connects to the internet.

What is the Benefit of Using Mdr Services?

When your company uses Intelice Solutions MDR services, you will accomplish two things. Your team will finally get a broader view of your organization’s vast cybersecurity environment and landscape. Then through our series of operational functions, you will discover what your organization may have gotten exposed to and where it began. That will permit you to uncover the different types of risks your company is facing moving forward if not stopped.

Important Facts When Choosing a Managed Detection and Response Provider?

When choosing a detection and response provider, here are a few facts to know as your search begins.

Does every provider offer the same services?

No. Services and technology solutions vary from provider to provider. Also, your company, its size, how it operates, as well as any security controls you have in place, is unique to your setup. It is best to speak with an Intelice consultant first before you choose.

Can every managed detection provider expand on your tools?

No. If you have a set of tools, check with the provider about the tools they use. You want to know how complete is their toolset. There are IT providers whose mechanisms are not as extensive as you want and not capable of diving deep into your organization’s security.

Does every provider meet data and privacy regulation standards?

No. Not every IT provider can meet mandatory data and privacy regulations. If the provider cannot meet basic regulatory requirements, we recommend not moving forward with their services.

Benefits When Using Intelice Solutions’ Managed Detection and Response Services

When you use our team to detect, analyze, and stop the threats you found, your vulnerability concerns will end. If the IT provider must dig deeper into your company’s security, we have those specialized tools. When your organization needs a team that meets or exceeds all regulatory standards and compliance requirements, Intelice Solutions has that covered too.