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Intelice believes in technology services and IT support that is intelligent, innovative, comprehensive and easy, allowing for our clients to achieve the highest standards of success. As a Microsoft Gold …

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It’s an all-in-one business management solution that helps you connect financials, sales, services, and streamline business processes. With it, you can make better decisions and improve customer interactions. Dynamics 365 takes Dynamics NAV to an advanced level with fantastic…

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Sound infrastructure services and support allow you to get the best out of your resources and maintain the security needed to protect your data, eliminating risk. A reliable partner assisting to provide a comprehensive and secure framework for your…




As cybercrime rates continue to rise, technology professionals are hard at work developing new solutions and safeguards to keep these criminals at bay. Intelice Solutions closely follows emerging trends and threats, taking…

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Can Ransomware Be Stopped?

Can Ransomware Be Stopped?

Throughout 2021, hackers and ransomware gangs targeted companies running networks like the Colonial Pipeline fuel system, with greater tenacity.

How to Nurture a Culture of Cybersecurity in Your Organization?

How to Nurture a Culture of Cybersecurity in Your Organization?

The number of cyberattacks reported in the recent past is a clear indicator that hackers are working around the clock. More importantly, they are devising more sophisticated techniques to get through systems that would otherwise be hard to hack. The recent Kayesa VSA, JBS, and Colonial Pipeline attacks are excellent examples.

Who Does Intelice Help?

Intelice specializes in providing IT Service and IT Support to Not-For-Profit businesses, Professional Services, and the Construction industry in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area.

Is Intelice a Microsoft Partner?

Yes. Intelice is one of the top 5 Microsoft Dynams 365 Partners in the US. Furthermore, we offer a range of other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

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