Managed IT


Understanding the right solution for your business is dramatically different from being able to dig deep into the nuanced applications and execute upgrades and migrations — while still performing day‑to‑day operations in support of business goals.

Managed IT Services

Smooth Operations and Enhance Productivity

Understanding the right solution for your business is dramatically different from being able to dig deep into the nuanced applications and execute upgrades and migrations — while still performing day-to-day operations in support of business goals. When your technology teams are overwhelmed with activity, it is all too easy for security and accessibility to fall behind. This can be extremely dangerous in today’s business climate, particularly with the rising tide of threats that are advancing on businesses from all directions. Fortunately, the experts at Intelice Solutions are well-versed in the operational needs of organizations and able to provide proactive managed IT services to fill internal knowledge and execution gaps.

Reduce inconsistencies

In your operations

Your customers need to know that each interaction with your company will be secure and consistent, or you risk long-term frustrations and even lost sales. Customers today have a high expectation that websites will work as expected, that customer support personnel are able to quickly and easily access order information and that shipments will proceed as planned — all operations that require a reliable IT infrastructure. If you are constantly battling outages with your technology or an overworked internal IT team, it can be challenging to provide the exceptional levels of service that your customers expect… and deserve. With managed IT services from Intelice Solutions, you can be confident that your teams have the tools available to provide customers with first-rate service both now and in the future.

Managed IT Services Allow Your Teams to

Focus on Core Competencies

Whether your company is a tech-based business or simply uses IT as a way to power your core offerings, having access to the right IT tools and information in a timely manner is critical to your ability to maintain consistent operations. When you work with a trusted IT managed services provider, your internal IT and business teams are able to confidently focus on innovation and the future — providing your organization with the intellectual capital needed to define new business opportunities and enhanced revenue streams.

Intelice Solutions provides a

range of managed IT services including:

  • Proactive anti-malware and antivirus support
  • Active monitoring of your network, with automated notifications of unusual activity
  • Cloud-based or on-premise data storage and business application solutions
  • Web-based email and internet monitoring to reduce the possibility of a cyberattack
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting and services
  • Microsoft 365, Dynamics NAV or 365 migrations and upgrades
  • Secure email and document backup and storage solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • Network connectivity, load balancing and managed networking
  • Remote work solutions, including VPN and defining strategies for remote connections
Managed IT Services

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As a complement to our managed IT services, Intelice Solutions offers a wide range of
consulting solutions around compliance, web applications, cybersecurity, financial management systems and accounting and business intelligence.

From custom wiring and network installations to managed IT services for security and operations, the experts at Intelice Solutions are able to confidently provide support for organizations of all sizes. Contact our technical professionals at (301) 664-6800 for more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can help create a secure foundation that empowers your internal business and technology professionals to excel in even the most challenging business environments.