Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions to protect organizations in Washington DC & Maryland.

Dramatically Reduce Risk with

Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting your organization against the challenges present in today’s business world can seem overwhelming. This is particularly true when threats are coming from all directions: internally, externally from hackers and even via connections to trusted vendors. it’s vital that your technology team has a firm grasp on the various risks and how to proactively create a secure infrastructure for future growth. Selecting the right software and hardware solutions, ensuring that you have active monitoring in place, defining data storage requirements and creating a disaster recovery solution are all components of a solid approach to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, timelines often stretch far into the future as more pressing tasks are promoted in importance. You need the confidence of knowing that your company’s security is being fully protected at every moment by a team of professionals in the cybersecurity space.

Maintaining Security in an Ever-Changing World

The experts at Intelice Solutions excel at defining workable solutions that can evolve based on shifting business conditions. Our enterprise-scale solutions consolidate operations and reduce the burden on internal technical professionals by shifting responsibility for day-to-day operations and security activities to our managed IT services team. We work closely with your technical professionals to define and execute cybersecurity solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of your company. This creates a more comprehensive approach to risk management that looks across the organization to define challenges throughout the business and technology aspects of your corporation.

Focused Compliance Efforts

Can reduce Risk

Having the right guidance and support makes all the difference when you are auditing or revising your corporate compliance standards. Healthcare, finance and legal firms may have the heaviest compliance burdens, but all companies need to be aware of the data privacy regulations that are currently in place — and those that are continuing to evolve. Our team is well-versed in helping protect your organization from compliance risk, providing insider industry knowledge from HIPAA and HITECH to PCI-DSS compliance.



Cybersecurity Solutions

A lack of holistic cybersecurity solutions can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in compliance fees, remediation and lost customer revenue — but these costs are often the tip of the iceberg. The small day-to-day challenges to your operations can chip away at performance and productivity, leaving employees frustrated, vendors annoyed and customers looking for new options. Streamlining cybersecurity solutions to ensure that your internal operations are not being negatively impacted is one way that Intelice Solutions adds a great deal of value to our clients. We closely monitor operational efficiencies to smooth out any process problems so your business can effortlessly scale.

Security Services include:

  • Security assessments

  • Dark Web research

  • Anti-malware, antivirus and anti-phishing email filtering

  • SIEM/Log Management

  • Password policy management

  • Web Gateway security

  • Secure awareness training

  • Mobile device management and security

  • Advanced endpoint security

  • Firewall and perimeter security

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Encryption services

  • Automated updates and patch management

  • Backup and disaster recovery services

When you contact the cybersecurity experts at Intelice, you can be confident that your unique business needs will drive the solutions that we recommend.

IT Strategies for the

Modern Workforce

Working from home or other remote locations is no longer a question, it’s a guarantee. Your company needs to provide flexible and secure solutions for remote work, including Virtual Private Networking (VPN), sufficient bandwidth to your primary data storage solutions and more. Everything from the hardware that you utilize in your organization to the software solutions must be accessible and functional for flexible working styles, an area where Intelice Solutions excels. We work with organizations of all sizes throughout the DC Metro area to create an active approach to security that includes regular reviews, online training, anti-malware and antivirus solutions, active monitoring and more.

Cybersecurity solutions from Intelice experts are tailored to fit your business model, customers and workforce as well as the compliance and data privacy requirements of your industry. Contact the Intelice Solutions team at (301) 579-8066 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation or to learn more about how our clients are able to more actively manage risk and cybersecurity challenges. Our suite of solutions includes a variety of products and services including Cloud Consulting, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Infrastructure Consulting and Disaster Recovery. Our team will help define a thorough approach to cybersecurity that will help protect your organization from current and future threats.