Managed IT Procurement

Managed IT Procurement Services

Evaluating, purchasing, and installing new IT hardware and software demands significant time and resources. Whether your organization needs new tools or upgrades, Intelice Solutions makes the process more efficient as your managed procurement provider. We manage everything from finding the right hardware and software to installation and maintenance, ensuring your team has the tools they need for productivity.

Reliable IT Procurement Benefits and Strategy

Our managed IT procurement simplifies finding and installing new hardware or software, using our bulk-buying power to save you money.

24/7 User Support

We provide around-the-clock support as your users adapt to new hardware and software.

Expert Procurement Guidance

Avoid paying for the wrong products with our help in evaluating options to find the best solutions for your organization.

Cost Savings

Leverage our industry relationships for bulk purchase savings.

How Does IT Procurement Management Work?

Managed IT procurement leverages our expertise and relationships to help your organization evaluate, purchase, and install hardware and software. We manage the whole process, ensuring the best results for your business.

Why Is IT Procurement Management Important?

Efficient procurement management ensures you get the best hardware and software without overburdening your IT team. A good provider manages the entire solution, from evaluation to installation and maintenance.

Comprehensive Procurement Services

Software and Hardware Evaluation

We thoroughly evaluate options based on your business needs.

Strategic Sourcing Management

We use our industry connections to find reliable suppliers quickly.

Cost and Pricing Control

Our relationships help keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

Distributor and Vendor Management

We handle all vendor interactions, streamlining the process for you.

Licensing Agreements

We determine the most cost-effective licensing options for your needs.

Installation and Maintenance

We ensure smooth installation and provide ongoing support for your new hardware and software.

System Upgrades

We manage upgrades to keep your technology current and effective.

Asset Management

We handle retiring outdated hardware, ensuring a smooth transition.

Optimize YourIT Procurement

Partner with Intelice Solutions to streamline your IT procurement process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the right hardware and software solutions for your business.