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Microsoft ERP Branding
A Quick & Easy Guide

Unsure what the difference is between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM? Check out this guide to make sure you’re considering the right Microsoft business application for your organization. 

Managed Services

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) refers to an additional layer of security added to the login process. MFA relies on two forms of authentication: something you know and something you have with you.

The Role of Cloud Desktops in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

The Role of Cloud Desktops in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses In this day and age, it is quite impossible to find a business that does not rely on IT for operations. Sure, that small coffee down the corner looks as rustic as old businesses go but behind that is a...


What Exactly Is NIST?

What exactly is NIST? Intelice breaks down what NIST actually is and how NIST can benefit your organization. Discover more here.

Sales Tax Compliance Pains

Sales tax compliance has become more demanding for companies that sell products across state lines due to the South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. Supreme Court decision in 2018. That decision changed the rules for sales and use tax for companies selling online and offline.

Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Office 365: Planner, Yammer & Flow

Planner, Yammer & Flow: Three Hidden Gems Found Inside Microsoft Office 365. Intelice Solutions is one of the country's top Microsoft Partners, especially when it comes to Microsoft Office 365.  Brian Loughlin, our resident Microsoft Office 365 expert goes deep...

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks

Be as Productive as You Can with Microsoft Outlook. Intelice offers business professionals free Microsoft Office 2016 tips and tricks once per week.  Sign up using the form to the right to sign up for our free Microsoft Office 2016 tips and tricks. Microsoft Outlook...

Cyber Security

Ransomware Cyberattacks on Large Companies at Record Highs

Ransomware cyberattacks on large corporations are becoming more common and crippling. What’s more worrying is that many targeted organizations don’t have the capacity or measures to proactively detect and prevent different cyber threats or fix a vulnerability faster to avoid further losses. 

Industry News

Are You Aware of the New Zoom Vulnerabilities? 

Since the onset of the coronavirus, there has been an increase in businesses using Zoom videoconferencing to keep in touch with clients, suppliers, and coworkers. There has also been an exponential surge in security issues where unwanted visitors are gaining unauthorized access to Zoom meetings.

Are You Prepared For The End Of Windows 7?

Living in a technology era that sees device upgrades and new products on what seems like an almost weekly basis, it’s difficult to imagine that Windows 7 has remained in play since its release in 2009.