IT Security Solutions

Security meltdowns can strike at any time – and set you back months (or years).

Intelice works closely with growing businesses to eliminate vulnerabilities and keep IT infrastructures protected 24/7/365. It’s time to stop living in fear of looming security threats. Safeguard your company with proactive support and give yourself genuine peace of mind.

The Value of Comprehensive IT Security

Most companies don’t take IT security seriously until after a breach occurs. Protecting your company goes beyond simple anti-malware programs – the best IT security plans are implemented with a technical understanding of modern threats, proactive monitoring, and contemporary defense tactics ingrained into the company culture.

A minimal security plan makes you an easy target for cyber attacks. Let’s make sure you don’t become a victim.

Our Comprehensive IT Security Services

Vigilant Security Operations Center

The Intelice Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly oversees your network, servers, workstations, and defense programs to detect anomalies and eliminate risk factors before they compromise your daily operations.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Our endpoint protection system manages every entryway within your IT infrastructure – and is built to instantly detect, analyze, and block malicious attempts to access your network. The platform uses this data to counteract emerging risk factors.

Anti-Virus, Spam, and Phishing Support

Standard anti-malware programs may work for small startups, but growing businesses need more advanced solutions as operations ramp up. Our Comprehensive IT Security plans leverage the industry’s leading software combined with predictive analytics to keep companies protected throughout the growth phase.

Regular Patching

IT security is not a one-off project – it’s a responsibility that requires frequent updates and fine-tuning. Our security experts carry out routine patching within your IT infrastructure to keep your company a step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Employee Training on Security Best Practices

Security is more than a collection of tools and procedures – it’s a team effort that requires cooperation from everyone within your company. We work with your employees on the ground level to implement safe, fundamental practices to avoid breaches and other security failures.

The Comprehensive IT Security Philosophy

Proactiveness is the Key

Every business will be targeted by security breaches. Proper planning and preemptive measures are the difference between a disaster and a slight blip on the radar. That’s why we monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 to manage issues in the early stages – so they don’t interrupt daily workflows.

Security is a Company Mindset

The best defense against security threats is knowledge. Comprehensive IT is about educating businesses on today’s risk factors and giving staff members the resources they need to keep the company safe.

There Are No Shortcuts in Security

Quick fixes and short-term solutions are easy for hackers to outsmart – and they have no part in Comprehensive IT Security. We make no compromises in providing growing businesses with the best tools and practices in the industry.

IT Security is Not a Luxury

With Comprehensive IT, leading-edge security is not a pricey upcharge or add-on. All-inclusive security is a baseline component in our IT plans – no matter what your budgetary constraints are.

Make Security the Priority in Your Company

Security issues should never be handled in hindsight. Let’s give your organization the protection it deserves.