Outsourced Help Desk Services Offered by Intelice Solutions

If your organization or company is like most, your internal IT department stays extremely busy. During the course of a day, technical issues come up when the staff least expects it. An employee’s computer stopped responding, email login issues, software glitches, forgotten passwords, or external devices not connecting.

In every instance, a staff member called the help desk support team promptly. The caller’s issue was logged, noted, and advised someone from IT would assist them shortly. Unfortunately, though, your team member had to wait longer than expected for the IT person to arrive, diagnose, and fix the problem.

What’s The Hold-Up?

When everyday technology issues like this come up, calls for IT help desk assistance, do see longer than average wait times before the technical issue gets resolved. Often the IT department is overloaded, focused on infrastructure concerns, and their time is stretched too thin to respond quickly.

However, that downtime means; your employee was on the clock and not productive. That lost time cannot be recovered, which negatively affects your bottom line. To keep staff working efficiently and workstation delays resolved quickly, an option to consider is using outsourced help desk services offered by Intelice Solutions.

How Does Outsourced Help Desk Services Benefit Your Team?

More and more companies are discovering outsourced help desk services from Intelice are streamlining staff assistance. Help desk support is resolving issues faster remotely, while the IT department focuses on critical technology concerns. The wait times drop, and productivity goes uninterrupted.

Below we’ve listed a few vital areas where both staff and internal IT departments have benefited the most.

The Staff Side

  • Operating System Errors Fixed

  • Quick Password Resetting

  • Setup Email Accounts

  • Diagnose and Troubleshoot Email

  • Device Access Issues

  • Network Connectivity Resolved

The Internal IT Department Side

  • Focused on Vital In-House Applications

  • Network Infrastructure Installation

  • Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Improvements For Your Customers

  • Long-Term On-Site Stability

  • Hardware and Software Updates

The Advantage of Help Desk Support for your Business

You understand, your internal IT department’s attention must remain focused on the company’s technical infrastructure at all times. That requires exhaustive amounts of time spent focused on hardware and software updates.

That leaves little room for your team members technical needs. With technology always changing and updating, downtime is costly. That is why a robust outsourced help desk support system from Intelice Solutions can quickly resolve your employee’s technical issues.

Your internal IT personnel will only step in when the technical issue cannot be resolved remotely. With the outsourced help desk services and help desk support in place.

  • Technical issues get addressed quickly

  • Employees remain productive

  • IT personnel focus on critical areas

  • Downtime costs get eliminated

  • Your business continues moving forward