Comprehensive IT Project Support

IT projects should be a progressive undertaking to improve your operational efficiency – not a source of stress and headaches.

Intelice manages IT projects from planning and execution to employee training and support. No matter what the scope looks like, we’ll make sure your projects are carried out efficiently, comprehensively, and in a way that minimizes downtime.

Let’s upgrade your IT infrastructure the right way.

What Are the Benefits of Comprehensive IT Project Support?

The growth phase ushers in many different changes – and obstacles. Expert IT project managers work closely within your organization to navigate these challenges and maximize your technology investment. Here are the biggest benefits of working with the Comprehensive IT project support team.

Plan for Current and Future Needs

Business growth is full of gray areas. An experienced IT project manager will examine your operation to understand the challenges you’re facing, anticipate requirements, and create solutions for today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

Every IT project comes with liabilities – including unexpected downtimes and wasted budgets. Comprehensive IT project support maps out each task in detail to minimize costs and maintain a healthy ROI.

Establish Documented Processes

Processes become increasingly important as a company grows – from onboarding and off-boarding to employee training and resource management. An IT project manager will help you develop smart, reliable formulas for daily operations designed to scale with your business.

Stay Secured During Transitions

Security issues are a looming concern in every big transition. Comprehensive IT projects begin with a thorough risk assessment to account for vulnerabilities from end to end. Regardless of the project’s complexity, the security of your technology infrastructure is the top priority.

Our Comprehensive IT Project Support Services

Office Relocation Support

Office relocations almost always equate to system downtime and adjustment periods. The project support team from Intelice will plan, execute, and support your relocation each step of the way – with a business continuity strategy so you don’t miss a beat.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about setting your company up for the future – and is an inescapable aspect of business growth. Intelice will advise you on the best strategy to incorporate new technology into your organization and work with your team to make sure the changes benefit everyone.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions (M&As) involve many, many moving parts. The Intelice IT project managers will guide you through the process from A to Z to eliminate roadblocks throughout the transition.

Cloud Migrations

The cloud can work wonders to make companies more efficient and secure – if the migration process is carried out properly. We’ll help you formulate a reliable cloud strategy that reduces overhead costs and makes everyone’s life within your organization easier.

Procurement and Vendor Management

Your business hardware is the foundation of your company – procurement and implementation must be a calculated strategy. Our project support team conducts a thorough business discovery to understand what equipment will best serve your organization and how to properly incorporate it into daily operations.

Data Backups & Recovery

Data loss can be detrimental to a growing business – and it shouldn’t be on your list of concerns. Intelice IT project managers will develop an efficient data recovery plan with frequent offsite backups to ensure you’re never living in fear of disaster.


Compliance standards are constantly changing, and failure to abide by the rules can spell major fines. Our team stays on top of these changes and performs regular auditing to protect your company from risky violations.

The Non-Negotiables of Comprehensive IT Project Support

Risk Assessment

Most problems in an IT project are avoidable with proper planning. Intelice maps out every project in meticulous detail to account for potential hiccups before you run into them.


An IT project needs to make your organization smarter – otherwise, what’s the point? The projects we manage are all planned and executed to create a noticeable difference in your operation, both in everyday tasks and on the balance sheet.


There’s never a convenient time for an IT project. Our team will guide the strategy from start to finish to ensure you’re getting the results you need – without major interruptions.


Our technicians are on call 24/7 to field any concerns within your staff and make sure the organization is properly aligned with the changes.

Risk Assessment

Most problems in an IT project are avoidable with proper planning. Intelice maps out every project in meticulous detail to account for potential hiccups before you run into them.

How Can We Make Your Next IT Project Run Smoothly?

IT projects are about making productive, meaningful changes within an organization. Our project managers are here to help you achieve this.

Let’s raise the bar together.