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If you’re looking for much more out of your IT management company than the “standard” IT firms seem to be capable of, then Intelice Solutions is just the company that can help you. Our brand of IT managed services in Washington DC includes far more than even the above-average managed service providers tend to provide.

You May Be Surprised at What Falls Under Our Banner of IT Managed Services in Washington, DC

If you’re looking for much more out of your IT company than the “standard” IT firms seem to be capable of, then Intelice Solutions is just the IT company that can help you. Our brand of IT managed services in Washington DC includes far more than even the above-average managed service providers tend to provide.

Our brand of managed services involves a core objective that reaches higher than most – offering our clients the widest coverage and sharpest eyes and hands handling their IT maintenance and monitoring.

And, we do it all with timely support and fixed billing, for the most economical choice available in the IT services arena. For us, managed IT services in Maryland and Washington DC must be especially vigilant and responsive.

Therefore, we deliver faster realization of your IT goals and objectives., via:

  • Periodic, strategic business intelligence reviews, testing, and adjustment account for changes along the way.

  • Technology roadmap design and business alignment strategies, keeping all systems integrated and congruent.

  • Specific catering to at-risk market segments, e.g. healthcare facilities, government, education, law offices, and financial industries.

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery planning assures your survival and longevity.

  • Customized network security solutions keep your organization safe from disaster.

And, with competent IT management services steering your ship through any IT eventualities, you save time as well as money, so its arguable that not having a managed IT services provider is kind of like not having an accounting or sales department – in other words, it’s essential. Especially in our nation’s capital, with so much riding on keeping our collective IT infrastructure healthy and disaster-free.

Related Fact: 75 percent of those companies polled in an ActualTech Media survey rated themselves as having “fair or poor” readiness in case of a security breach.

And, those IT companies without adequate IT support services aren’t just facing a computer here or there with a virus or spyware – they’re looking at an average of $8,000 per hour in downtime for small businesses if their servers fail. For mid-sized organizations that goes up to $74,000 per hour.

Don’t let your company become a victim of poor IT management – take action now and secure for yourself the kind of  IT consulting services in Washington DC you and your organization deserve!

What Delivering Better IT Management Services Demands

We believe it takes constant learning, testing, and upgrading of our own knowledge-base to be the best IT company we can be. It also takes rigorous integration and implementation of new tools, technologies, and high standards of quality and performance – both for us and our client’s network infrastructures.

Related Fact: 96 percent of respondents in a recent CompTIA Survey said their managed services provider saves them money.

You have to always be testing, and pushing the boundaries of what works, because next week, next month, those standards will be tested anyway by new models of performance, security threats and exploits, or some other factor.

We want to know what you think it takes to provide the IT management services Washington DC companies like yours expect when you bring IT support on board. We like to think along the same lines as our valued customers, and collaborate with them, rather than dictate what should happen with their technology infrastructure.

We believe clear lines of communication are the order of the day, and we don’t rest where other IT companies might, in watchdogging and monitoring your IT infrastructures with comprehensive 24/7 support. This includes a collective vision and core values that provide a foundation for excellence in our chosen field.

Intelice Solutions Provides the IT Managed Services DC Metro Area Businesses Require in Today’s Challenging Technology Environment. Call us at (301) 579-8066 or email us at to discover more about how we managed IT services can optimize your business IT systems!

Business owners and managers are struggling with an avalanche of new technologies, trying to decide which ones can best help their businesses. It’s an overwhelming challenge. There’s just not enough time to evaluate all the software, firewalls, antivirus, hardware, etc.

And even when you think you’ve found the right IT solutions, and considered every possible bottleneck and glitch, another adverse contingency arises. Smart business owners in the DC Area let an IT-managed service provider like us handle this for them.

And, those who want to save money, and increase the reliability, efficiency, and security of their technology, rely on Intelice Solutions.


Because we constantly employ a set of best practices, processes, and tools, combined with leading-edge technical knowledge and skills that consistently deliver results.

Therefore, you can count on us 24/7 to keep your technology running securely and at peak performance, allowing you to leave your IT worries behind and focus on your day-to-day business tasks.

Going Beyond “Standard” IT Service Management

We go well beyond what a break/fix computer repair shop can do, to put it mildly. We do more than simply handle redundant technology issues. Our business technology solutions will add value to your business, by way of service and support that’s often less expensive than hiring your own internal IT staff.

We know how to incorporate cost-effective solutions into your current IT infrastructure to ensure productivity, operational efficiencies and to improve your bottom line. Our team of experienced IT professionals has access to a wide variety of solutions to help you compete and succeed in today’s ever-evolving technology landscape.

Our dedicated, certified team of technology experts will help you plan for and implement an IT infrastructure that works for you today and tomorrow, as your:

  • Business Advisor

  • Financial Advisor

  • Productivity Advisor

  • Security Advisor

  • Hardware Advisor

  • Software Advisor, and

  • Dedicated IT Partner

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Intelice Solutions delivers enterprise-class IT management services in Washington DC and surrounding areas, including Frederick, MD, and Herndon, VA. Call (301) 579-8066 or email us at for more information on how to get started!

Outsourcing IT support services has numerous advantages for your company. These benefits include boosting project implementation speed, minimizing IT costs, ensuring system reliability, and reducing cyberattack risk.

As technology becomes increasingly complex, you need access to highly skilled experts trained in specific technologies. IT support companies employ techs with hands-on experience with a wide selection of technologies. At the same time, these teams provide professional services at affordable prices, thanks to the tiered pricing approach.

Another essential advantage of working with an established vendor like Intelice is gaining access to cutting-edge technologies. As a result, you no longer worry about investing in costly technologies to keep systems running efficiently. On the other hand, you bolster your company’s capacity to guarantee compliance and the security of critical information technology infrastructure.

The ideal IT firm has offices closer to your premises, ensuring faster response time to emergencies. As such, you leverage quicker intervention in the event of a system malfunction. Another critical consideration is hiring a vendor with substantial experience in your industry. The service provider should understand the intricacies of your core business processes and help you enhance efficiency and innovation.

A good IT support company can scale services to meet your organization’s expanding tech requirements. This capability eliminates the need to switch from one vendor to another when your business operations outgrow the IT firm’s capabilities. You need to verify the number of tech experts the company employs in various departments. The number of IT experts operating the help desk is a critical aspect that needs attention.

Many reliable IT firms offer service level agreements, which act as a benchmark for service expectations.

The combined experience and skillsets of the service provider’s technicians are vital determinants. Certified IT experts are a must-have for a vendor; otherwise, the outsourced technicians may experiment with your IT infrastructure resulting in disastrous consequences. Data backup and recovery capabilities also play a crucial role in keeping your business running.

A good firm partners with leading hardware and software manufacturers, such as Google, Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft, and Xerox. Recognition by these tech giants is a clear sign of competence. IT firms that partner with the likes of Microsoft and Google earn designations like Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Some firms win Partner of the Year awards in recognition of their tech wizardry.

The right choice of a managed service provider (MSP) holds a wide selection of certifications. Some examples include NAV, Serenic, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Azure, Jet Global, and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

CISSP is a certification for IT security experts issued by the ISC (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). On the other hand, IT professionals with the CISA certification specialize in systems auditing.

Information technology firms using professional ticketing systems enhance the customer experience. A tech expert helps you troubleshoot issues and keeps track of the interaction. The system also enables IT professionals to prioritize tasks based on various aspects, such as the query’s complexity.

In addition, these systems eliminate the need to use spreadsheets and email, which can easily create confusion. Ticketing ensures that IT experts focus on resolving issues than trying to track tasks in the system. They take advantage of automated alerts and notifications, ticket prioritization, status management, routing, and categorization.

In the end, IT support service providers like Intelice ensure staff accountability by allowing managers to track staff productivity. Additionally, the vendors glean insights from the system to optimize support processes and drive resource decisions, which helps increase customer satisfaction

IT support companies like Intelice have the expertise your organization needs to safeguard data and network protection. They offer holistic, proactive IT security solutions to protect against wide-ranging threats. You can expect information security experts to conduct detailed systems audits to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

The implementation of robust security measures helps guarantee regulatory compliance. Some measures employed by cybersecurity experts include setting up firewalls, user awareness training, multi-factor authentication, web gateway security, device protection, 24/7 network monitoring, and advanced encryption.

With these measures, you can feel confident that your entire workforce, including remote teams, can securely access your organization’s systems.

If you are unhappy about your current vendor’s services, you can switch to another service provider. However, switching to a new IT support services company can be fraught with risks and challenges. Before making the final decision, evaluate your organization’s reasons for the change.

You should conduct thorough research to identify suitable replacements. Once you cancel the contract with the current vendor, the two service providers need to collaborate to ensure the switch proceeds as smoothly as possible.