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Feed Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reports Jet Fuel with Jet Reports.

Jet Reports was founded in 2002.  It delivers unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible reporting and business analytics solutions that:

  • Are cost effective,
  • Provide rapid time-to-value, and
  • Are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft ERP users.

10,000 companies, both large and small, in 94 countries use Jet Reports every day for their financial reporting. It solves the tricky and expensive problem of getting your data out of your ERP solution.

Why do you need Jet Reports?

To make decisions.  Technology and data are important, but decisions are equally important.  That’s why Jet Reports is different.  We make it as easy as possible for you to make these decisions.

Jet Reports helps you streamline your report creation process by:

  • Making reports more interactive.
  • Increasing report usability.
  • Tailoring reports for your audience.
  • Preventing unwanted spreadsheet errors.
  • And more.

Jet Reports worked closely with Microsoft to create a number of products to drive your success.

Jet Express for Excel

An extension included with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to create basic reports inside of Excel.

It was created in collaboration with Microsoft.  It will help you:

  • Build simple financial statements
  • Perform basic business queries in Excel on your desktop.
  • Handle flexible reporting foundations for NAV, right out of the box.

Jet Express for Word

An extension included with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to create custom documents inside Word.

It enables you to:

  • Build custom invoices, credit memos and other business documents in a flexible format by leveraging the design capabilities of MS Word, and pulling data directly in from NAV, with no programming required
  • Reduce the need for rigid external documents coded in NAV.
  • Start right away with a familiar MS Office interface in Word and pre-built templates.

Jet Professional (previously Jet Essential)

This is a fast, flexible financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel.

Jet Professional:

  • Allows Microsoft Dynamics ERP users get all the operational data they need.
  • Eliminates errors by accessing and pulling all your data directly in Excel.
  • Doesn’t require copying, pasting or manually exporting.
  • Cuts the costs of hard-coding and programming reports to zero.
  • Puts more capability in the hands of the user. You have your own sign-on, and you can select others to share reports with via email or as a pdf.

Jet Professional is a web-enabled financial report writing tool.  With it, everybody can get the data they need to make decisions.  It’s a report management and publishing platform.  You’ll have all your reports in one place. 

With Jet Professional You Can:

  • Easily build any type of report that you want.
  • Drill down on the numbers directly from Excel.
  • Access reports from anywhere on the web.
  • Complete report management, collaboration, and publishing platform.
  • Be sure you’re always looking at the right data or workbook.
  • Take advantage of its scheduling capabilities. Send out reports as often as you need (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

In the past, you had to have a desktop copy.  With the new web portal in Jet Professional, you can work on, and run your reports from anywhere. You’ll also have unique tools to design and build reports the way you want.

For more information on Jet Professional or Jet Reports, contact:

Tristan Threlkeld
NAV Channel Manager
Jet Reports

Tell him that Intelice Solutions sent you!  (301) 664-6800  

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