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Intelice Solutions provides an advantage to industries throughout Columbia, MD. We offer fully managed IT services and more.

IT Services In Columbia, MD By Intelice Solutions

Get an immediate advantage on your IT services in Columbia, MD by partnering with Intelice Solutions

In case you haven’t heard of us and what we do, we’d like to introduce ourselves. Or, re-introduce ourselves, rather. We’re Intelice Solutions – a long-time provider of managed IT services in Columbia MD that’s also a qualified business advisor who can help you strategize the best “technology map” of your computer networking future.

We’re also a team of IT support experts who can help you with tech-savvy business intelligence solutions that strategize a holistic picture of your continuous productivity and growth factors where technology is concerned.

Intelice Solutions has all the tools and expertise at hand to support you in your efforts to optimize your business computing network. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and have widely-varying requirements for their business networking needs. We’re here to make sure Greater Baltimore and Washington DC area business have all that in spades.

That’s what makes us a proven leader among Columbia, MD managed IT services companies.

But, there’s much more…

More Reasons to Choose Intelice Solutions as Your Columbia IT Services Company

With a more strategic business IT intelligence framework, your projects will be more collaborative, expeditious, and multi-faceted. Our brand of business IT intelligence includes versatile cloud computing solutions, virtualization, mobility solutions, and connectivity optimization that’s far more conducive to collaborative projects, data storage and management, and expediting of projects that cover the widest range of application and format.

We manage IT networks that perform like a second brain that only thinks about your business goals and requirements. That’s what we do – program, design, and configure your business computing network like a second brain that promotes optimum connectivity, compliance assurance, and maximum productivity – dialed-in with the specific parameters of your business objectives, partners, and other factors in your business equation.

In short, we care about every client whose total satisfaction we seek with every job, support ticket, or concern.

Many managed service providers can do pretty well to manage your technology, but how many can consistently deliver the type of IT management services that businesses (such as yours) can trust to help keep their business continuing smoothly, and without interruptions to operations?

One of our “business IT partner promises” is that, if you let Intelice Solutions guide you as your Columbia MD IT managed service provider, you can return to focusing on your core business objectives while maximally leveraging your IT resources at the same time! Give us the green light to go to work, and watch us transform a potential liability and source of stress and worry into IT systems you can perpetually depend on.

And, with Intelice in the wheelhouse of your IT management, we can share or take full responsibility for chores like managing IT staffing, security protocols, and integrating the latest technologies.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the occasional bump or ruffle isn’t going to happen from time to time, but with Columbia, MD managed IT services pros like Intelice Solutions in the guard tower of your IT, you get rapid-response solutions that you won’t have to be bothered with, usually.

How Do Our Managed IT Services in Columbia MD Compare?

The way we approach managed IT services IN Maryland is a full-scale IT consulting firm that gets to the heart of problems, and where necessary, lends you 24/7/365 Help Desk Support for any issues that arise. This allows you to maintain a predictable, fixed-cost arrangement, while also meeting the variable demands of a growing business.

We can also partner with your existing in-house technical team, helping take care of the daily IT tasks; can act as ad-hoc project support, and provide outsourced CIO services to consult and help you dynamically grow your organization. In short, you get Maryland’s best IT managed services team working as an adjunct business partner with you, around the clock!

Who Is Intelice Solutions? More Than Just Another IT Company In Columbia, MD

Intelice Solutions has all the tools and expertise at hand to support you in your efforts to optimize your business computing network. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and have different requirements for their business networking needs. We’re here to make sure Columbia MD businesses of all types have all that they need in spades.

Companies of all sizes (from small businesses to mid-sized outfits to large enterprises and corporations) need diligent, responsive IT consulting and support backing them up in their endeavor to strengthen their communications and data management. Intelice Solutions is a leader in this regard.

We believe a leading IT company needs to demonstrate a trak record of going “above and beyond” ordinary expectations with special Client Care that makes sure only the highest-quality technical and strategic provisions are employed.

We Have IT Solutions for All Industries and Needs

We offer flexible and innovative IT strategies for companies across all industries (including not-for-profits), niche markets, and of all sizes. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business or large organization – our “Vision Mission” includes you and your operational objectives. It also includes:

  • Intelligent data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Custom network installations and upgrades.

  • Full-spectrum cloud solutions and management.

  • Tireless, alert network systems monitoring.

  • Advanced power management solutions

  • Comprehensive mobile device and application management.

  • Advanced-technology security management services.

  • 24/7 help desk support services.

  • Expedient move-related services.

  • Virtualization services and support.

  • Specialized onsite and remote access options.

What Makes for Leaders Among other Managed IT Services Companies in Columbia MD?

For us, it centers upon our dedication to community responsibility and being eminently conscious of our mission, values, and accountability. This means bringing innovation, flexibility, and collective expertise to the IT consulting table, as well as a spirit of collaboration with our clients to help them achieve their core objectives, needs, and requirements.

Our industry-leading business managed IT services help you realize your loftiest goals, allowing you to capitalize on your inherent organizational resources to a maximum degree. Our Columbia MD Managed IT Services plans, likewise, give you the needed leverage to manifest your IT objectives both now and in the long term.

Intelice Solutions offers an advantage to industries in Columbia, MD

In short, you should care because we care about every client whose ultimate satisfaction we seek.

We’re a Leader in Managed IT Services In Columbia Maryland Businesses Can Trust!

Is it time for a full evaluation of your IT health by one of our IT consultants? Don’t settle for substandard IT solutions in Maryland – contact us for a no-obligation consultation on managed IT services in Columbia MD today, either by calling (301) 579-8066, or emailing for more information.

When it comes to finding the right IT service provider for your company, there are many factors to be considered. While every company has different needs, on the whole, hiring a local managed IT service company can provide you with many benefits that others cannot. For instance, locally managed IT service providers can save you time and money. This is because they will be easier to reach, typically have more than enough staff to handle their workloads, and often charge less than larger providers who are based in other areas.

If you are looking for a managed IT service company for your business, you should be looking for one with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent track record: While working with new companies in certain sectors is acceptable or even encouraged, managed IT services isn’t one of those fields. The company that manages your IT services can make or break your company. This is not something you should leave to chance by trusting a fly-by-night agency.
  • Tools and Methods: Different MSP will use different tools and have different methods. Make sure you are using a provider that has tools and methods that are in line with your company’s needs.
  • Customer Support: The most serious IT issues often occur unexpectedly and during highly inconvenient times. This is why you need an IT service provider with 24/7/365 customer service.

A comprehensive managed IT services agreement should include the following:

  • Services covered
  • Client terms and conditions
  • Licensing of MSP
  • Liability limitations
  • Relevant definitions
  • Assignment clauses
  • Cybersecurity insurance coverage
  • Hardware
  • Backups
  • Confidentiality
  • Illegal behavior
  • Termination of agreement

Simply put, a service level agreement is an agreement between the managed IT service company and its client. This agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties and specifies which IT services will be provided, the liability protection for the MSP, the minimum response time allowed, performance standards, and payment structure.

Given that cybersecurity issues are often intertwined into daily IT service-related duties, the IT service company you choose should absolutely have a cybersecurity background. In fact, they should make cybersecurity a priority.

Managed IT service companies can help companies with other aspects outside of the management of your network. They can help you make forward-thinking, tech-savvy business intelligence solutions that help drive the overall productivity and growth of your company. These solutions will help you save time and money, and create a business model that favors innovation and optimizing of profits.

Generally speaking, most companies pay between $90 to $140 monthly. However, this typically applies to those who are using flat-rate services. Those who require a la carte options can vary wildly based on the types of services your company needs. In particular, the main factors that influence the amount you will pay for managed IT services are the types of services you need and how complex your company’s technology is. More specifically, the amount you should expect to pay for managed IT services depends on these factors:

  • The complexity of the technology being used
  • The number of users
  • The core business applications being used
  • The number of locations, offices, and remote workers
  • The total amount of data