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Intelice Solutions delivers essential cloud-based solution to Endocrine Society

When Endocrine Society could no longer rely on the server in an office with intermittent power issues, Intelice Solutions provided them with a dependable cloud-based server solution. Intelice Solutions delivered additional IT improvements to become an indispensable partner for Endocrine Society.

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Endocrine Society is the largest global membership organization representing professionals from the field of endocrinology. Their members diagnose and treat conditions or diseases related to different types of glands and hormones, as well as engage in relevant research. Endocrine Society members come from over 120 countries, with 40 percent of them located outside the United States. Internal and external communication between the organization’s 90-person staff and 16,000 members is reliant upon functional and efficient email capabilities. 

The Situation: A need for consistent and dependable server access

Intelice Solutions immediately helped Endocrine Society move all their critical data into an accessible platform in the cloud, which staff were then able to retrieve in the case of any on-site difficulties. Intelice Solutions continued to provide Endocrine Society with indispensable service. Fletcher says, “In the 6 years since we’ve been with Intelice we’ve experienced a major change. Instead of all servers being hosted in an on-site server room, everything is stored and secured in the cloud so that universal access capabilities are available for relevant parties.” He continues, “They’ve helped us with that transition and kept us up and running. They have been a strategic and supportive partner ever since.”

The Solution: Teaming with Intelice Solutions for dedicated service and significant results

Intelice Solutions and Endocrine Society maintain a great working relationship. Intelice Solutions supports Endocrine Society’s critical server and network infrastructure as their fully managed service provider. Intelice Solutions also ensures the security of their network and maximizes uptime of their server and various applications. Fletcher notes, “They keep all things IT up and running and under control so we can focus on association goals.” Intelice Solutions provides Endocrine Society with:

  • Effective and reliable cloud services – Intelice Solutions delivers the right products to suit cloud computing needs.
  • Backup, email, security, and data storage management – ensures the smooth running of the organization.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – enables mobile access to documents, spreadsheets, and databases from anywhere.

Endocrine Society recommends Intelice Solutions to other organizations. Fletcher states, “They’re a good balance of not being too small or too big. They’re able to provide a significantly personalized approach to service and support.”

Intelice Solutions’ team of experts have helped numerous companies of all sizes implement the right cloud solution for their organization. Intelice Solutions has partnered with many different cloud providers and technology partners to bring their clients the right products to suit their cloud computing needs. To see how Intelice Solutions can help you, contact us today at or (301) 664-6801.

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