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Finding Tech Talent In Frederick, MD

Are You Finding It Difficult To Locate The Tech Talent You Need In Frederick, MD?

IT Companies in Frederick MD

The need for qualified IT techs has grown immensely in and around Frederick, Maryland. Why? Because so many high-tech businesses are moving to the area. City and county representatives with the help of the Frederick Innovation Technology Center, have been encouraging commercially viable technology-based businesses to make their homes in Frederick.

They want to bring more advanced technology businesses into the area to generate high-paying jobs and more local opportunities for highly qualified professionals. They know that approximately 40 percent of Frederick’s workforce travels to work in other areas. Many of these people would prefer to work in Frederick.

Well …they’ve succeeded in doing this. As a result, companies like yours are now competing for the tech talent they need.

As you know, the community of Frederick is changing. It’s no longer a quiet, peaceful agricultural area like it was 30 years ago. Frederick County has experienced a 124% increase in computing and IT business growth and is poised to become a regional technology and innovation driver.

Frederick is just down Route 270 from the DC Area. Yet, it’s still picturesque with the surrounding countryside and it’s charming and historic downtown area. It might not be Silicon Valley, but it’s now home to a growing community of businesses that use advanced technology to bring innovation to various industries.

According to Frederick Magazine:

The area now houses successful homegrown software and information technology service providers like Yakabod and Swift Systems, global industry leaders like Patriot Technologies, which last year made the Cybersecurity 500 list of the world’s hottest cyber security companies, as well as rapidly expanding ventures like, which has offices in eight countries and offers software translation and localization services in 157 languages. And the tech movement is poised for more growth with the opening later this year of a high-tech business incubator in Downtown Frederick.

Nick Damoulakis, who co-founded an IT web agency in Frederick 10 years ago said this about the lack of tech talent. “The biggest thing that is holding us back is the workforce. In today’s market, you are competing with companies across the world, so you are always looking for the best talent… There are tons of people here that are very talented. They just don’t see Frederick as a viable place to work and live. The fact of the matter is that it is.”

Frederick’s technology base has grown to approximately 88 companies. These firms enjoy access to a quality fiber optic infrastructure, along with close proximity to regional businesses and consumers in one of the country’s largest metropolitan statistical areas. They need access to highly educated programmers, engineers, system analysts, and IT Managed Service Providers to keep their IT running at peak performance 24/7.

In an effort to assist these organizations, Intelice Solutions has joined techfrederick.

What Is techfrederick?

techfrederick was formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop Frederick’s growing high tech community through education and human resource development, entrepreneurship training programs and seminars, and related events.

It’s a consortium of local IT business owners and high-tech companies dedicated to connecting local professionals by providing advocacy, education, communication, and networking opportunities.

We offer access to free training and technical certifications in an effort to upgrade occupational skills and increase employability within the IT industry.

The best IT companies in the area have come together in techfrederick to identify the skills that talented people need to increase marketability and compete for positions in the growing technology field.

Our ASPIRE Training offers customized training tracks focused on critical occupations and skill shortages identified by people in the IT community. It’s especially geared towards candidates who are unemployed or underemployed due to outdated skill sets.

If someone is actively searching for a position within IT networking, website development, systems administration, website application, or seeking to improve their professional communication and project management skills, we’ll help them do this.

How Does This Help My Business In Frederick?

With our help, you can connect to viable resources and strategies to support the positive business development and sustainable growth – and find the tech professionals you need.

Our goal is to keep people from making that long drive from DC down the 270 Corridor in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Now, you can find the technical talent you need right in Frederick!

Plus, you can take advantage of our entrepreneurship and training programs designed to increase your likelihood of success.  techfrederick offers seminars and other events for you and your employees to increase your awareness of and access to economic and other resources that are available.

We’ve witnessed the expansion of the local tech industry scene, and we credit the public-private partnerships for this positive change. That’s why techfrederick is such a great resource for IT professionals and businesses.

If you want to learn how you can join techfrederick, give us a call or send us a message on our contact page. 

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