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Gregory Keith Sims – IT Support Analyst

Washington DC Computer Support

Attended Strayer University and transferring to University of MD to obtain a BS in Computer Science. I have worked as a receptionist, a paralegal, telex operator, administrative assistant, public policy associate, file clerk, facilities manager as well as a DJ but my heart has always been in IT. Obtained my first PC in 1985 and have had one ever since. What I like about Intelice are two things: the people that I work with (our clients) and the people that I work with (the Intelice team). The way we collaborate and help one another is one of the reasons why I enjoy working here. Having been both a mentor and a mentee always helps me to remember what each of us brings to the team and how we can enhance our skill set as well as each other. I enjoy working on computers, figuring out what broke what and being able to explain to the client how you resolved the issue always gives me great satisfaction.


Sports Team: Steelers/Redskins/Yankees/Nationals/Knicks/Wizards & Capitals
Athlete: Mean Joe Greene & the rest of the “Steele Curtain”
Sports to play: Wrestling

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At Intelice Solutions, we approach every partnership with the mindset that each IT component is a crucial tool making a company smarter, more efficient, and most importantly, more profitable. That’s why our service model supports your business technology from end to end. Every Comprehensive IT strategy is based on a microscopic examination of your business processes, company culture, strengths, and weaknesses to put everyone in a position to do their best work.