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Sarah Ober – Business Development Administrator

Washington DC Computer Support

Most recently I worked as a paralegal for an attorney serving Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and DC. After spending a few years in the industry, I realized that Law School was not a dream of mine, so I took some time off to work on my true passion, flipping houses. After the home was completed and all the money was spent, not necessarily in that order, I sort of fell into my position here at Intelice. The last three months has been a real workout for the brain, learning all about new processes, systems, clients and co-workers. Nothing inspires me like being surrounded by intelligent and passionate people, and there is no lack of either on our team. We love what we do!


Team: Chip and Joanna Gaines
Athlete: Harold Baines – Representing the hometown!
Sports to Play: Any tailgating activity – especially cornhole