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A Federal Government Contractor Looks To Intelice Solutions For Help With Their Growing Technology Needs

What Did We Provide That Others Couldn’t?

SeKON is a CMMI Level-3 Certified, results-driven consulting firm that provides premier business strategy and consulting services to federal government agencies in the DC Metro Area. They depend heavily on peak-performing, efficient, and secure technology solutions to provide their clients with the exemplary service they demand. And as high-performing professionals, SeKON required the same from their IT Services Company. They looked to Intelice Solutions for this.

Their Previous IT Provider Couldn’t Keep Up – SeKON Needed to “Change Gears.”

After 20 years in program management, IT/systems development, financial systems management, and workforce optimization for federal health agencies like the CDC, HHS, DHA, OPM, CMS, and NIH, SeKON required an IT Services Advisor that could handle their growing needs. When their in-house techs could no longer do this, a trusted colleague referred them to us.

Claude Crocker from SeKON explains:

“Our previous IT provider was in-house on some levels and this wasn’t working for us. We needed to change gears and asked Intelice Solutions to take over our IT service and support. Intelice Solutions provides everything we need and more. They make it easier to focus on our projects by providing IT services that are above the rest.”

What Did We Do For SeKON?

We Completely Revamped & Improved Their IT Infrastructure

We set up a new, more robust IT Infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and management, so we know what the team at SeKON needs before they do.

Here’s the long list of improvements we made:

  • TotalCare Managed IT Services

This provides full monitoring, management, and support for all of SeKON’s IT systems in 4 different locations in the DC Metro Area. It includes their network devices (firewalls, switches, servers, user devices, etc.).  We also support their remote users.

  • Azure Hosting

Intelice Solutions hosts, manages, monitors and supports several servers in Microsoft Azure for a specific SeKON contract.

  • Office 365 Migration

We migrated SeKON from a hosted email provider to Microsoft Office 365 to better meet the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) compliance requirements. This also saved them a significant amount of money.

  • Acronis Backup Solution

We implemented a PC Backup Solution to provide a remote backup of key users’ PCs.

  • New Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

We delivered and installed two new Cisco Meraki WAPs for SeKON’s Reston office.

  • A Comprehensive IT Assessment With (ESM) & (WSM)

We did this at both their Arlington and Reston, Virginia offices. Plus we implemented Email Security Management (ESM*) and Web Security Management (WSM)** for each user at SeKON.

*The EdgeWave Email Security (ESM) provides advanced threat defense through the unique fusion of advanced technology with the expertise of EdgeWave’s cybersecurity analysts to precisely identify attacks and synchronize defensive measures across all systems in real time. It identifies and stops spam, phishing, and Advanced Persistent Threats, keeping their staff and data safe from even the most sophisticated email-borne threats.

** The EdgeWave Web Security (WSM) offers a unique combination of fine-grained content filtering combined with threat detection and mitigation methods to assure powerful protection from Advanced Persistent Threats, including botnets, malware, viruses, and others.

  • We also implemented a virtual machine environment with Windows Azure, an on-demand infrastructure that can be scaled and adapted to their growing needs.

With Windows Azure, SeKON now has:

  • A complete integration with other Microsoft Windows applications such as SharePoint, SQL Server, and Visual Studio.
  • A richer set of cloud platform development tools and infrastructure services, which result in increased productivity.
  • An enhanced simulation environment that can run on a local machine without the need for Internet cloud connectivity.
  • Configuration and running of multiple and concurrent web and worker/background roles.
  • More robust diagnostics, which are critical to identifying and correcting problems.
  • Complete security for their vital data. (We can attach a debugger to find extremely difficult-to-locate bugs).
  • The assurance that their IT system will stay up and running 24/7.

What Was The Final Result?

SeKON Couldn’t Be Happier With the Services We Provide

Claude went on to say:

“The team at Intelice Solutions is extremely easy to work with. Even for those of us who aren’t tech savvy, like me, they are patient and willing to take the time to make sure we understand every aspect of what they do.

“It’s important for us to be able to work easily with our IT provider, and much of this depends on good communication. The team at Intelice excels at this. They go above and beyond what you would expect. We’re extremely happy with their services and couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Just as Intelice Solutions was a recommendation to us, I would definitely recommend them to others. They provide service that is top notch. Intelice is the best of the best!”

If you’re looking for the “best of the best” in IT Service and Support for your business in DC, MD or VA, contact the experts at Intelice Solutions at (301) 664-6800 or

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