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Harness The Power of Microsoft Office 365 For Your Non-Profit

Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer businesses in nearly every industry – but particularly those doing good work in the non-profit sector.

Office 365 Nonprofits

Over the past few years, productivity suites have become more and more popular with businesses of all sizes, in a wide and varied range of industries, especially non-profits.

It’s the type of solution that has something to offer everyone. Cloud-based technologies, in general, are changing the way non-profits view the capabilities of their technology – especially Microsoft Office 365.

Non-profits struggle with many challenges that traditional enterprise-based corporations do not, given that they often operate on the bare minimum of resources, staff, and volunteers.

While you’re grateful for every last person who gives of their time, talent, and treasures to assist your efforts, they don’t always have all of the skill sets you need to successfully run the operation. This often means that you have to pick up the slack – and while you are happy to help, you have limitations yourself.

Office 365 Will Help You Solve Key Non-Profit Problems

Non-profits, like all businesses, run best when they have people heading each department that are experts in their fields.

That’s not easy to come by when you are dependent on volunteer labor and have a small budget. More than that, you have a lot of places you need your money – and personnel – to go. Unfortunately, the last things to be considered in the budget are often IT services and solutions for non-profits.

That means that non-profits like yours often run into the same challenges:

  • Finance: Every dollar you spend on IT services and solutions is a dollar you can’t devote towards your purpose as non-profit. That means every dollar (no matter how few) has to count.
  • People: It can be difficult to hire expert team members when other industries offer larger salaries, better hours, and more benefits.
  • Mobile: Staying mobile means investing in new technology, and refreshing it every few years – that takes time (and, again, money).

It’s for all these reasons that a productivity suite is so perfectly suited to eliminate a non-profit’s common challenges. And which productivity suite in particular?

What Office 365 Will Do For Your Non-Profit

You and your users are probably used to applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook because of how popular and common they are. Now imagine how useful those apps would be when fully configured in the cloud.

Office 365 is available on any platform you need, whether it’s a laptop, a phone, or Surface Pro tablets. You and your users can collaborate and communicate across devices, ensuring that your busy staff members working in the field can easily send and update information critical to your operations while on the go, instead of calling in or coming back to the office.

What else does Microsoft Office 365 offer non-profits like yours?

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed: You can expect minimal downtime or inconvenient planned maintenance, allowing you to work efficiently and without delay.
  • Skype For Business: This service comes with the range of features necessary for truly effective communication between your non-profit and its key contacts. You can schedule Skype for Business meetings, upload, share and view PowerPoint presentations, share your screen with other contacts, record all calls in high quality, check the availability of meeting attendees, and more.
  • Email and Calendar, On The Go: With Microsoft Outlook, you can seamlessly integrate your calendar features directly into your email, so that scheduling a meeting, responding to invites and keeping track of your upcoming appointments is that much simpler.
  • Yammer: Microsoft Office 365 can even provide your non-profit with its own private social network in Yammer. With each user having a personalized profile, you can track progress on projects, share content and resources, and collaborate and communicate to provide feedback and praise once a task has been accomplished.
  • Comprehensive Availability: Microsoft Office 365 provides an undeniably convenient end user experience. You can access your own Microsoft Office 365 configuration with ease, via browser login on any Internet-capable device, the Outlook web app for email and calendar access, or simply at

The ability to organize all of the tools your team already relies upon in one centralized and convenient place that’s accessible from anywhere is reason enough to adopt Microsoft Office 365 for your own non-profit, but it’s not a decision you should be making on a whim. There are a few popular choices available for your non-profit to choose from, but you should know that the most popular choice worldwide is Microsoft Office 365.

Want to see what Office 365 will do for your non-profit? The Intelice team is ready to show you first-hand. Get in touch with us at (301) 664-6801 or {email}. to get started right away.

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