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When the Trade Association in Washington was looking to outsource their IT department, Intelice Solutions was head and shoulders above the rest. Intelice provided the Trade Association with a dependable IT system and the confidence that all their IT issues would be resolved quickly and efficiently.

The Trade Association consists of one office, located in Washington, D.C., twenty-two staff and a remote employee in California. Membership for the Trade Association is nationwide, with the addition of a few international companies. According to the Trade Association’s HR Director, staying connected is crucial to them. “We host our own website and we do the majority of our work via email with members all over the country. It’s important that we have a system that works and that is up and running, available 24/7.”

Originally the Trade Association’s IT was done completely in house, but later the decision was made to outsource. The first company they hired was not a good fit – the Trade Association found they were left with more IT issues than when they started. They interviewed five more IT companies, including Intelice, who was based on a client referral. The HR Director explains that Intelice was far above the other companies in terms of skill sets and what they could bring to the table. “We have no regrets, best decision we made.”

The Situation: A need for an effective and dependable IT system

Intelice took over the Trade Association’s IT system. Intelice spent the weekend unravelling all the problems from the last provider and discovered some pretty serious flaws in the previous system which they then corrected for the Trade Association. Intelice completed hardware setups to improve the infrastructure. The HR Director reveals “We had outages almost every day with the previous group – no one could figure out the problem, but as soon as Intelice came on the scene the problems got fixed and never reoccurred.”

The HR Director notes that Intelice keeps things running seamlessly and that the Trade Association no longer have any IT issues. The HR Director feels that a significant aspect of what Intelice offers is an excellent relationship with the Trade Association’s own IT liaison. “They are really willing to work together with him in a synergistic relationship –  they adapt to our internal guy’s needs and work with him – they’re not at all territorial.”

The Solution: Trusting Intelice to provide invaluable and responsive IT support

Intelice and the Trade Association have maintained a long lasting relationship since 2010. The HR Director states “If problems do occur the response is so rapid and things are back to normal fast.” Intelice provides the Trade Association with managed service support and delivers:

  • Sound infrastructure services – to maintain the security needed to protect data and to keep the business running smoothly
  • A reliable partner – providing a comprehensive and secure framework for the IT infrastructure to help leverage trends like mobility and cloud computing
  • Backup, email, security, and data storage management features – to ensure the smooth running of the organization

The HR Director says the Trade Association would recommend Intelice absolutely and without hesitation over other IT companies due to their responsiveness. “There’s always someone who knows us by name who I’ve met face to face to help us with our problem. I never feel like I’m in an abyss where all I have is a 1-800 number.” The Trade Association’s HR Director emphasizes “It gives a high level of comfort to know we have no communication barriers between us at all – they’ve seen our office; they know who we are – it’s just incredibly personal service.”

Intelice Solutions is dedicated to providing the Trade Association with timely service and comprehensive support, allowing them to achieve the highest standards of success.  To experience the benefits of what Intelice can do for you, contact us today at {email} or (301) 664-6800.

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