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Intelice’s Solution – Outdated Technology

Technology evolves every single day, and this is basically fueled by innovation and the desire to simplify life further. Technology has a frustratingly short life cycle that is sustained by constant updates and upgrades in order to meet the current demands. Your technology, both hardware and software, becomes outdated when it has either reached its end of life or no longer receives updates and this means that it can fail to run new applications developed with newer technology and it may also not be compatible with new devices. In this short blog we highlighted some of the top risks of outdated technology, and here we are going to discuss how a Managed Service Agreement with Intelice can help you manage this.

  • Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are keenly aware of the end of life and end-of-support timelines that Microsoft has scheduled. Our NOC (Network Operations Center) Team is dedicated to ensuring your organization is on top of the latest patches and updates. The best part of our team managing these updates – we vet each major update to ensure continued functionality of your primary systems. Trust us, we hate doing the right thing, updating our systems, and then having nothing work the same anymore! We only push it through to your environment once we are confident the bugs have been worked out.
  • You can always check Microsoft updates and end-of-support timelines by using this resource. But we know managing an entire organization’s hardware inventory, warranty timelines, and software usage can be a tedious task for IT Managers, especially de facto IT Managers. With an Intelice Solutions Managed Service Agreement through our comprehensive documentation process, we always know who is working from soon-to-be outdated technology and can create an update plan as necessary.
  • We understand the importance of budgeting and know how expensive technology is, especially as we continue to experience hardware shortages due to supply chain disruptions. With an Intelice Solutions Managed Service Agreement, we have multiple options for you to clearly allocate funds for your IT systems. Whether it is adding in PC updates to your monthly cost, opting for hardware-as-a-service, or strategically purchasing hardware to maximize your 179 Tax Deduction, we remain flexible and a true partner to ensure value and affordability.
  • Working closely with your dedicated Account Manager, you will never be surprised when your hardware is end-of-life or out of warranty. By leveraging our regular Technology Business Reviews, you have the information and guidance available to you well before it is time to make a decision on your next IT move.

If you are unsure of your technology inventory, are concerned with out of warranty and outdated technology please contact us today. Reference this blog and we will schedule a no-obligation assessment of your environment to privide you the visibility you need to make safe IT decisions for your organization. Call us today. 301.664.6800

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