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We Believe IT Management Services in Washington DC Need to Be Especially On-Point, And Here’s Why

It’s also known as managed IT services or managed services, but the core objective is the same – to offer clients the widest coverage on IT maintenance and monitoring, and do it all with timely support and fixed billing, for the most economical choice available in the IT services arsenal. For us, IT management services in Washington DC must be especially airtight and vigilant.

We’ve laid out just some of the main reasons to support that belief:

  1. Faster realization of your IT goals and objectives.
  2. Technology roadmap design and business alignment strategies keep all systems integrated and congruent.
  3. Specific catering to at-risk market segments, e.g. healthcare facilities, government, education, law offices, and financial industries.
  4. Comprehensive disaster recovery planning assures your survival and longevity.
  5. Customized network security solutions keep your organization safe from disaster.
  6. Periodic, strategic business intelligence reviews, testing, and adjustment account for changes along the way.

Fact: 96 percent of respondents in a recent CompTIA Survey said their managed services provider saves them money.

And, with competent IT management services steering your ship through the storm, you save time as well as money, so its arguable that not having a managed IT services provider is kind of like not having an accounting or sales department – in other words, it’s essential. Especially in our nation’s capital, with so much riding on keeping our collective IT infrastructure healthy and disaster-free.

Fact: 75 percent of those companies polled in an ActualTech Media survey rated themselves as having “fair or poor” readiness in case of security breach.

And, those companies without adequate IT support services aren’t just facing a computer here or there with a virus or spyware – they’re looking at an average of $8,000 per hour in downtime for small businesses if their servers fail. For mid-sized organizations that goes up to $74,000 per hour.

Don’t let your company become a victim of poor IT management – take action now and secure for yourself the kind of IT services you and your organization deserve!

Need IT Management Services in Washington DC You Deserve 

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