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What’s New in Jet Reports 21.4?

What’s New in Jet Reports 21.4?

Find out what the latest update to Jet Reports has in store for you and your team.

Jet is intended to help CFOs track and understand key data in their organization. Designed with Microsoft Dynamics in mind, it helps leaders to better utilize their financial and operational data.

This function allows for advanced operational and financial reporting inside of Excel. The latest update further improves Jet Reports’ range of features and the quality of the user experience.

Jet Reports

Schedule Batch Reports More Easily

Jet 21.4 features a new batch report scheduling wizard, which helps users to streamline the process. The wizard brings you step by step through a series of simple questions that complete your batch schedule and report template. This removes any of the guesswork involved with performing the process manually.

Furthermore, if and when a task like this fails, Jet will directly email you to notify you of the issue. This will ensure there are fewer unnoticed errors in your Jet Reports processes.

Boosted Performance

Jet Reports 21.4 also includes enhancements to its performance capabilities. The following areas have been further optimized:

  • Caching
  • API management
  • Paging

Optimize Your Reporting Processes

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