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Microsoft Inspire 2022 – Expanded Partnership with Oracle

Today, Microsoft announced that they have expanded their partnership with Oracle to introduce Oracle Database Services for Microsoft Azure. With this new technology, Microsoft Azure clients will be able to provision, access, and monitor Oracle Database Services in the Oracle cloud with more ease and a familiar platform. Clients across the globe have relied on Microsoft and Oracle software working together to run business-critical applications. This extension of the Microsoft and Oracle partnership will offer more choice for multi-cloud architecture and lets clients use the best capabilities of both clouds.

Win with Dedicated Industry Solutions: Microsoft continues to emphasize the importance of vertical-specific solutions that support industry needs, and they are backing this up with their industry-specific clouds. Industry clouds aim to tackle gaps unique to the respective industry while empowering organizations to enjoy the work they do and thrive while doing it. Some of the key clouds we heard Microsoft highlight during the event are:

  • Cloud for Nonprofit connects intelligent and integrated cloud functionality of the Microsoft stack to the most common nonprofit organizational scenarios, including constituent and supporter management, award management, fundraising, volunteer management, program design and delivery, operations, and data management. By unifying data across the organization, nonprofits can benefit from accelerated mission outcomes based on the recommendations and insights they receive from the platform.
  • Cloud for Manufacturing is designed to deliver capabilities that support the core processes and requirements of the manufacturing industry. The Cloud for Manufacturing is unique as a result of the industry-specific standards and communities, like the Open Manufacturing Platform and Digital Twins paired with Microsoft’s ecosystem of partners that deliver additional value.
  • Cloud for Retail accelerates business growth by providing trusted retail industry solutions that integrate with existing retailer systems. With the Cloud for Retail, organizations can maximize the value of their data and elevate their clients’ shopping experience while building a real-time, sustainable supply chain with data across the ecosystem.

Does your core business operate in the cloud? Do you want it to? Do you have questions on how this expanded partnership with Oracle can help your business?  Contact us today to connect with an expert on our team to start a conversation!

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