Most of today’s businesses rely on a Microsoft Office suite for their day-to-day functions of drafting documents, building spreadsheets, and keeping track of contacts.

The question at hand is, are you using the new, collaborative, and powerful Microsoft Office 365, or are you still tied to an older, desktop version of this office productivity suite? What’s the difference? Everything! When Microsoft tied all of its office productivity solutions to the cloud in Office 365, it changed the whole game!

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based, cloud-enabled productivity suite like no other. Give Intelice Solutions a call today to talk to one of our Office 365 experts, at (301) 664-6800 or send an email to our office and we’ll answer your questions.

What is “game changing” about Microsoft
Office 365?

  • ALL of the Microsoft office productivity applications COLLABORATE EASILY.
  • Office COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS such as voice, video, email, and instant chat can be enabled within the Office 365 suite.
  • Your employees can have MOBILE ACCESS to their documents, spreadsheets, and databases from anywhere.
  • You can SCALE UP OR DOWN from a simple menu within a browser. Need software for a new employee? Easy!
  • INTEGRATES SEAMLESSLY with strong cyber-security from companies like Intelice Solutions for your data’s security.

Microsoft Office 365 has been designed with both the traditional and the modern, globally diverse office in mind.

Intelice Solutions can help you choose the right Microsoft Office 365 configuration for your needs and can assist you in the migration from your current solution to the new, more efficient Microsoft Office 365.


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