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The Modern Workplace In Washington D.C.

Defining The Modern Workplace

You’ve probably heard the term ‘modern workplace’ before. That’s why you’re here learning more about it, right? It’s such a buzzword nowadays, but what IS a modern workplace? For some, a modern workplace is a funky office downtown decked out with the latest furniture, cool background music, kitchens equipped with endless snacks, and gourmet coffees, but the modern workplace is more than just the coolest address in the city.

If you think a modern workplace is simply implementing some nifty new software, think again. A modern workplace is what separates serious businesses who are looking to be empowered in our digital age from those who are burying their heads in the sand. If you’re serious about growth, a modern workplace is for you.

How Do You Embrace A Modern Workplace?

Well, it’s all about creating a collaborative, flexible culture that works for today’s modern workers and customers alike. This, in turn, means you must gain a better understanding of what digitization is and how it works. But let’s start simple: some people believe a modern workplace is having the right cloud-based technologies and we’re on board with that concept. In fact, we truly believe this is key to embracing a modern workplace.

Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite are two great examples of modern workplace technologies that help organizations cut the ties traditional technology tends to keep. Basically, they allow you to eliminate:

  • Limitations on hiring and training top talent due to geographic location
  • Lack of scalability when adding new users, more storage, and more
  • Excessive costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, and supporting technology
  • Inability to work productively from anywhere other than the office

Cloud-based solutions are used in modern workplaces to allow employees to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Your team members can use their computers at home or use their smartphones and tablets on the go to access all of the information they need to be efficient in their day-to-day activities.

What Else Does The Cloud Do?

It’s about more than simply allowing any time, anywhere access to information, applications, and systems. The cloud lets your staff members collaborate in real-time on:

  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Notes
  • And much more

You can communicate with your clients, prospects, and vendors using email or chat applications and even telephone solutions. A modern workplace puts the power of getting work done back into the hands of your team members.

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