Why Choose Azure Over AWS

Azure over AWS

When it comes to the cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services tower over the competition. They are the Titans in this space, and although Google is starting to make a play to catch up, for now, the battle royal is between these two giants. So, with two heavy-weight options available in the marketplace, why choose Azure over AWS?

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Taking The Plunge? Migrating To Microsoft Azure?

Azure Migrations

The cloud has become a significant element of the strategy for mid-size to enterprise-level companies across the globe. While some have been hesitant until now concerning public cloud, Azure is winning them over. Migrating to Microsoft Azure has never been more accessible – or more useful – for growing businesses.

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Your Step By Step Guide To Transitioning To VoIP

Get untangled from your landline, and let VoIP boost your business’ efficiency, reliability, and quality. A recent study revealed that 94% of business’ marketing budgets are spent trying to get consumers to call. If businesses are paying so much of their advertising and marketing budget on a communications system, shouldn’t it be reliable and efficient?…

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10 Microsoft Office Features You Will Love

Microsoft has dominated the business world for a long time. It is on every computer, in every office, no matter if that is a library or a Fortune 500 company. We use Microsoft Word to create the newsletters for our businesses and collate our data with Microsoft Excel. As familiar as we are with these…

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Microsoft Teams: Business Without Boundaries

Where you work is no longer defined by four walls and a door – not even by cubicle walls. Gone are the days where productivity requires a set geographical location, at least for some roles, anyway. Recent years have seen the rise of the remote workforce that can effectively collaborate on projects from across the…

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