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Learn helpful tips to customize your Navigation Pane, Ribbon and filters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to give you more personalization based on your work needs

Corporations worldwide place a high value on security and compliance¬†–¬†two elements that either boost company success or lead to corporate disaster.

Living in a technology era that sees device upgrades and new products on what seems like an almost weekly basis, it’s difficult to imagine that Windows 7 has remained in play since its release in 2009. According to Net Market Share’s December 2018 data, 40.86 percent were still using Windows 7 compared to a modest 36.37 percent engaged in […]

The information that no business owner or technology director wants to hear: there’s been a data breach. These chilling words can put your brain into overdrive, trying to triage the problem before you even know the full extent of the problem. What will be the impact on customers? On staff? On vendors? Is this simply […]

With today’s businesses moving a large portion of their information technology operations to the cloud, having holistic IT services management is more important than ever before. Making this shift provides organizations with an unprecedented level of flexibility, and cloud solutions are generally more affordable. However, you may find that you’re introducing a greater level of […]

If you are still using SQL Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008, now is the time to upgrade. Contact Intelice Solutions to upgrade your servers or Microsoft Azure.

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