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Apple is yet to disclose how much it is going to reward a 14-year-old U.S. teenager for discovering a massive security breach on its FaceTime video call system. It is believed that part of the reward money will be set aside for his high school education fund.

On Thursday, Grant Thompson noticed the group FaceTime bug while on a video call with his friends. Apparently, they

Advanced Data Governance (or ADG) is a tool from Microsoft. Available to be used within Office 365, this tool assists businesses in meeting compliance requirements and managing risk. Most of all, it helps organize the massive amounts of data that companies are now dealing with.


Each quarter, the data owned by a given business grows by exponential rates. Over time, organizations are met with the challenge of organizing this unstructured data. Moreover, they are challenged to be able

Local infrastructure and extensive onsite hardware are a thing of the past – it’s time for you to go serverless. You and your team deserve a cloud platform that can be relied on to support the work you do every day – you deserve Microsoft Azure.

As technology improves, so does the way professionals use their programming to increase productivity and efficiency. At one time, emails were the preferred communication between colleagues simply because it was the new form of a written message. Over time, people came to see email as being a bit clumsy for informal messaging, as social media and SmartPhones introduced text messages and chat rooms. You wouldn’t send your roommate a formal email to ask whether to pick up an extra coffee on

Outsourcing IT solutions is the answer to many organizations' IT issues. But questions remain on how it works. Intelice, located in DC metro area, answers the call.

Of the risks your company faces on a regular basis, those associated with your IT department are likely a low concern and priority. The fact is, in today’s world most office professionals are capable of conducting the majority of their own IT work as needed for their individual devices. However, that isn’t their primary job description; their time is better used for the projects they were hired to do. There is also a matter of uniformity and consistency with how work is performed.

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