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In searching for the ideal outsourced IT support company for your business, you may have come across some technical terms and phrases. Many of them are probably phrases you’ve heard before; however, you may not be sure of their precise technical meaning within the IT space.

While there are general and universal terms, there may also be variations of these phrases from one service provider to another. When receiving a quote, make sure you have a full understanding of what your service

Intelice Solutions understands how important it is to help out those that are in need around the world. We’re fortunate to have the success that we have, but that’s not the case for everyone. That’s why, where and when we can, we give to those that need our help.

When you are choosing the best IT consulting for your business, it is critical that you find a company that is extremely focused on all of the elements of security that can be a threat. Many of the best IT consulting companies go the extra mile for their clients by acting as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), which allows all aspects of consultation to involve attention to security details.

Understanding Why Security Focus Is Critical

Cybersecurity threats are a significant problem for all business owners and corporations, whether

Intelice provides IT support Maryland business owners have come to trust over the years. Why put your trust in just any IT company in Maryland?

Protecting data and information systems is a priority for nearly every type of business and organization. The state of Maryland has recently stepped up to support businesses by passing a bill that enables small businesses to invest in security technologies while earning tax credits. There are several aspects of the Maryland Cyber Security Tax Credit that business executives and managers may not be aware of.

What is the Maryland Cyber Security Tax Credit?

The Maryland

Need to select a new IT company in Maryland? Intelice offers swift systems support for businesses throughout Maryland. Chat with our online operator first.

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