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Teachers are always striving to provide the best education possible for their students while often operating within strict budget constraints. Office 365 provides an abundance of technology that is often free for educators. There are several reasons why teachers should use Office 365 in their classrooms.

1. Provides a Variety of Apps

Office 365 offers several different types of apps to help teachers provide their students with a variety of online educational experiences. Whether it’s teaching interactive lessons

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Microsoft’s Office 365 for Educators has many tools that teachers can use to make their day easier and help their students learn more effectively. The program is also free for any educator and districts can also obtain a license for free Office 365 programs for faculty and student use.

Many of Office 365’s programs work cross-platform too, so students using tablets or Chromebooks can work together with students or a teacher or aide with a laptop or desktop computer.

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If you're a federal, state or local government entity or do extensive business with such entities, you understand the importance of keeping data protected and secured. Many government agencies and private companies are using Microsoft Cloud for Government solutions to maintain compliance and take advantage of its powerful features.

Maintaining strong and complex passwords may sound easy in theory but in reality, most users opt for easy to remember passwords instead. Multi-factor authentication is a great way to overcome the users’ resistance to maintaining strong passwords.

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