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Microsoft NAV Business Central

Microsoft NAV/Business Central (Tips/Tricks)

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management tool that puts together different functionalities that range across operations, finance, project management, and sales. It is an upgraded version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, and it is popularly known as D365 BC. It comes packed with amazing new features and functions. It is an application that kicks off the digitization process of your business.

Are the Following Issues Affecting Your Firm?

  • Systems that are disconnected. The information in your enterprise system is jumbled up, and you spend time looking up the right information.
  • You manage all your accounts in Microsoft Excel and not in a financial system.
  • The need to scale up but can’t handle the increasing transactions and inventory.
  • Your report making process is complicated and takes too much of your time.
  • Your manual data entry process is slow and leads to errors and duplication of data.
  • A business that does not meet the recommended security and compliance measures.
  • Migrating to cloud-based systems.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  1. You Can Customize it to Suit Your Needs: The Embed app feature gives you the ability to customize your app according to the industry of your business. A customized app enhances your customer relationships through focused services and functionalities.
  2. You’ll Be Able to Optimize Your Business Operations: Automatically generate production plans through its accurate sales forecasts. The application analyses expected inventory leads to create purchase orders.
  3. Tracking Your Project’s Performance in Real-Time: Keeping track helps you plan so that you make profitable resource use decisions as the project goes on.
  4. It Promotes Seamless Collaboration: All your data is available across all your devices, thus making sure your employees can work anywhere. Your employees now focus on offering the best service rather than going through the hustle of finding the right information.
  5. You’ll Enjoy an Overall Low Maintenance Cost: You no longer need to spend money on maintaining hardware and storage once you move to the cloud.
  6. You’ll Have a Range of Integration Features at Your Disposal: Microsoft Business Central easily integrates with other Microsoft products such as Power Bi. The built-in Power Bi dashboards display real-time financial performance.
  7. You Can Easily Optimize Your Supply Chain: The application informs you about your optimized stock levels and recommendations on restocking. It helps you maintain correct stock quantity through automatically calculating inventory, delivery time, and reorder points.
  8. You’ll Get Constant Automatic Updates: The updates contain new features, and it also upgrades the security of your application. The automatic updates ensure smooth transitions between versions without data loss. With regular updates, you will no longer have the hustle of buying another expensive software.
  9. It Serves Most of Your Compliance Needs: It has support for other languages and currencies to help your foreign customer base. In case your company shifts location, you can easily change settings on the storage of user data so that you comply with the different local laws.
  10. Offers You a Secure Cloud-Based Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners with Azure AD as an authentication method. In addition to that, all data that passes through your system is encrypted.
  11. It Is Flexible: Microsoft Business Central enables you to increase or decrease the number of user licenses every month without binding you to a long-term agreement. Changing your license type is a critical feature that enables you to scale your business efficiently.

Why Should a Managed IT Services Company Handle your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Needs?

Take your business to the next level today by shifting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is only sold through Microsoft partner programs and thus requires that you contract an IT services company.

Our team of experts will manage and migrate your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as well as cloud migrations giving you the space to handle the rest of your business. Customizing the application to suit your every need can be quite complicated. Our years of experience utilizing and testing the product enables us to set up systems for your business quickly.

Intelice Solutions will streamline all your processes, improve customer interactions, and help you make better decisions.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level With Microsoft Business Central?

Intelice solutions provides Microsoft Solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the DC Metro area. We are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with access to the top tier suite of products.

Services we offer:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Business Advisory
  • Security Services

Click here to get started or call us at {phone}, and we’ll be glad to discuss ways you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central into your system.

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