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Take Advantage of Advanced Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Take Advantage of Advanced Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Maintaining secure communication is a vital component of the modern business world. Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of options for companies of all sizes.  

In a world where geographically dispersed teams are the norm, Microsoft Teams is the tool that many organizations are using to stitch together a cohesive communication and collaboration platform that provides an exceptional level of security and functionality. As a part of the popular productivity suite Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams allows individuals to seamlessly share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations within a fully-featured communications tool. If you’re struggling with a wide range of communication tools being used by different departments or are concerned about the security of communication throughout your organization, Microsoft Teams may be the answer that helps keep your business conversations flowing.

Microsoft Office 365 Helps Boost Productivity

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the full suite of productivity solutions included in Microsoft Office 365. With these cloud-based solutions from Microsoft, individuals can easily collaborate with colleagues within the organization as well as securely sharing files with contractors, vendors and employees. The added layer of security added within Microsoft Teams helps ensure that each asset that your team is working on can be managed independently at the team or the individual level. Since Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 suite of solutions, you can be confident that security levels stay consistent throughout the lifecycle of each asset. This can help boost productivity for your teams by reducing the time needed to save, email and share files and information by automating workflows and file protection levels.

Features Found in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a variety of features that help teams be more productive together, including:

  • Real-time communication. A company-wide chat functionality makes it easy for individuals to get an answer to their questions quickly, and the full integration with your Office 365 platform ensures that communications will always stay secure. Reduce the back-and-forth associated with email strings and keep projects moving with team-based and individual chat functionality.
  • Full Microsoft Office 365 app integration. Each of the premier Microsoft Office 365 apps integrates fully with Microsoft Teams, making it easy to share information for a seamless experience. Chat live around changes you’re making to a PowerPoint presentation or update an Excel document together in real-time.
  • Reduce confusion with audio and video. Sometimes, a simple text message isn’t enough to share the depth of information that you need to communicate. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams also includes full audio and video meeting capabilities, with all the convenience you would expect from a Microsoft solution.

Creating a secure and dependable IT infrastructure requires having the right tools in place, and Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams will help you boost productivity and efficiency within your company. When you need the best support for Microsoft Teams and other collaboration or communication solutions, contact the professionals at Intelice Solutions at {phone} or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Our experts have years of experience in implementing or upgrading Microsoft Office 365 solutions for organizations of all sizes. We take pride in our ability to provide trustworthy and reliable integrations between Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft Office tools.

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