Technology is supposed to simplify life, but no solution is perfect. When you need help, what’s the secret to finding great software support?

You’re in the market for a new IT Service provider in Frederick, MD. After the last provider you had, it was clear; you didn’t ask enough or the right questions in the beginning. But not this time, you’ve learned your lesson, and you are ready to move forward, except you’re not sure what the right questions are to ask, and you need some help in that department.

Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer businesses in nearly every industry – but particularly those doing good work in the non-profit sector.

You’re scratching your head, a little frustrated. But recently Dynamics 365 updated and now you are having some issues with the Dynamics 365 for Marketing module, and you are on the NAV platform. It seems as though you can only send out 1,000 emails a month.

If you need to process 1099s each year for your vendors, you can simplify and speed up the process by using Microsoft NAV 2018 and 365 for Finance and Operations. Once you go through the setup the systems it’s easy to process and produce your 1099s. Here we’ve provided an overview to get you started.

Microsoft Flow has become a popular tool for small and medium-sized businesses since its introduction last year. Flow is designed to seamlessly automate workflows across all of your applications and services. With just a few clicks, you can synchronize your files, collect data, and provide notifications.

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